MPD Reports: Man charged in shooting; Armed robbery; Dispute over which room was cat’s

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period March 25 – April 1, 2021. Due to the length this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – South Broad St An argument between two parties over which room is the cat’s room. 

Traffic Stop – West Spring St/Piedmont Walton. The subject was operating his vehicle with his high beams on behind another vehicle, he received a verbal warning. He also did not have valid insurance during the time of this traffic stop, his vehicle was towed, and he received a citation. Probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted due to the odor of marijuana, no drugs found. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Breedlove Dr & McDaniel St. reference to a red Dodge Dakota parked on the corner of Breedlove and McDaniel Street. Driver sent on way. 

Other Law – Cook Pl argument between two subjects. One wanted a ride to his mother’s house on Lacy St. He was dropped off on Lacy St. 

Dispute – South Madison Ave. reference to a male and female in parking lot disputing over a cell phone. One was arrested and charged with Simple Battery FV/ Criminal damage to property/ possession of marijuana less than 1 oz. The other was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana less than 1oz, Tampering with evidence. 

0658 Hours (Civil Issue) 108 3rd Street: Domestic dispute between two subjects Warrant taken against the female for the offense of Criminal Trespass. 

Open Door – Mill Stone Bluff. Property Manager requested a vacant residence be cleared in reference to the front door being unlocked. 

Suspicious Vehicle – East Spring Street a Toyota Rav 4 was left on the location for about a week. During the investigation, the vehicle was stolen out of Conyers Police Department. Taylor’s Wrecker Service took custody of the vehicle. 

EMS Assist – West Spring Street. In reference to subject, homeless, looking for assistance. FISH was contacted, and subject was transported to the FISH office on South Madison Avenue where she will receive a ride to the Athens Shelter. 

Warrant Attempt – Plantation Dr. In reference to a female subject having active warrant out of Walton County for Violation of Probation. Negative contact with the subject. 

Warrant Served – 3rd Street. A female subject arrested for Criminal Trespass Family Violence. 

Follow Up – Towler St a previous incident that occurred earlier this date. Subject does not want any contact with her mother’s boyfriend due to her mother being arrested earlier over an incident with boyfriend. Both parties were advised not to contact each other. 

Burglary – 3rd St. In reference to a male subject attempting to make entry into the residence. Subject on location advised he did not have a key and needed to gather his things. 

Warrant Attempt – Plantation Dr In reference to a warrant service for a female subject, no contact on location. 

Suspicious Person – E Church St. Complainant stated over 20 individuals fighting in the parking lot. Upon investigation conflicting statements from those involved. Report made. 

Armed Robbery – E Marable St. This incident occurred at 112B Nowell St and was a dispute. 

Gunshot Wound – Tall Oaks W. Caller stated that a female was on location shot in the head. Subject was located at Tall Oaks West with gunshot wounds to to the leg and head. She was transported to Piedmont Athens for treatment. BOLO for suspect led to Social Circle Police Department detaining suspect Greg Knox’s arrests for aggravated assault among other charges. 

Burglary – East Marable St. A female subject was on location damaging windows in violation of a temporary protection order with another subject. She was arrested for TPO violation. 

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