MPD Reports: Man in female restroom, rat under the fridge, suicide attempts and stolen dirt bikes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 5 – 11, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Agency Assist, Tall Oaks Lane, Property Manager requested named subject trespassed from property due to her cussing at workers on location doing an eviction.
  • Suspicious person, West Spring St., Waffle House, reference to a male subject being in the female’s restroom for an extended period of time, and not paying for his meal at McDonald’s. The male subject was using the restroom because the male’s restroom was occupied, and he ordered a water from McDonald’s that didn’t require payment. Nothing further.
  • Suicide Threat, West Marable St., a female subject was transported. Turned over to EMS
  • Civil Matter, Cherry Hill Road. Management requested police presence while they terminated an employee. Situation mediated.
  • Suspicious Person, Ammie Briggery St., reference to a white male with a gray shirt and hat. possible barred from the housing. The subject was identified and was not barred from housing.  All ok.
  • Dispute, Checkers, two female subjects were disputing about their place in line at the drive-through. Situation mediated. All ok
  • Suicide Attempt/Domestic, Colquitt St., the male subject said he took approximately 6 Valiums.  The subject said in the ambulance he wanted to kill himself.  The subject did lose both parents this time last year.  When retrieving a shirt from subject’s residence, there were many broken items all throughout the house. Spoke to witness and to subject’s girlfriend who said they were verbally disputing earlier. Subject transported to Walton Piedmont by EMS.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., reference to an ongoing issue with Apt. Situation mediated.
  • Welfare Check, Hammond Dr. Anonymous caller requested a welfare check on a juvenile at Small Wonders daycare. Contact was made with Juvenile and Grandmother. No signs of abuse. Report made.
  • EMS assist, Felker St., welfare check requested on female subject.  Her mom heard a loud thud in the home and thought she was seizing.  all ok.
  • EMS Assist, Plaza Trace, reference to a male going in and out of consciousness. Turned over to EMS.
  • Stolen Vehicle, GW Carver Circle, complainant woke up and her car was missing. Her boyfriend had someone drive him to the store, which is where the car was located. complainant retrieved her vehicle and did not want to press charges.
  • Mental Problems, Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview, 17-year-old male having a mental break down. Front desk receptionist stated they needed an ambulance instead of police. All ok.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Jonathan Ellison was arrested for shoplifting and was given a criminal trespass warning. He was released on copy of the citation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle) Michael Etchison Rd/Ammons Bridge Rd. White Nissan Altima failure to maintain lane. Negative contact.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., reference to a male subject walking through the parking lot looking at vehicles. subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Damage to Property, Pinecrest Dr., reference to mailbox being hit sometime during afternoon.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, McDonalds/Hwy 138, Caller advised a passenger vehicle was in the parking lot with an unsecured child and the adults appeared to be arguing.  The last location given by the caller was Carmichaels.  Officer patrolled the area and had negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop, reference to Charles Harris stopped for no tag. He was arrested and released on a copy of the citation for driving with suspended driver’s license.
  • Burglary, John Deere Rd., Residence is in County’s jurisdiction.  Turned over to Walton County Sheriff’s Office. County refused K-9 tracking assistance.
  • Domestic, Tall Oaks Ln., reference to Shadreka Dennis and male subject involved in a physical dispute. Ms. Dennis was arrested for family violence battery.
  • Meet with Officer, Heritage Ridge Trace, complainant stated an Amazon package he purchased for another party in Florida was stolen. Report taken by request of complainant. Remedies were advised
  • Dispute, Los 3 Amigos, reference to a white male and white female disputing in front of the business.  Officer made contact next to Quality Foods.  Both parties advised they were ok and had a ride on the way. No crimes were committed, non-domestic relationship.
  • Damage to Property, North Broad St., complainant stated her vehicle was hit, upon arrival she learned she struck a vehicle backing up. Private property accident report taken
  • Burglary, Bold Springs Ave., complainant advised someone entered his residence between 1845 and 2300 hours.  The subject/subjects took a Husqvarna 85 dirt bike and a Husqvarna 250 dirt bike as well as $300 cash.  It appeared they gained access from a rear window.  The 250 was entered on GCIC.  Complainant did not have the vin for the 85 at the time of the complaint.  Report taken.
  • Domestic, Chestnut Ln, reference to complainant and her boyfriend getting into a physical altercation. Warrants to be taken on the boyfriend when we are able to positively identify him.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., complainant stated his neighbor’s juvenile child was yelling and using profanity towards them. The other family was GOA, remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Person, East Church St., Anonymous complainant stated a group of white males wearing blue jeans were throwing pieces of wood at windows, then got into a vehicle. She was unable to provide any description of the vehicle or cross street. Conducted an area check with negative contact with any vehicles, or people in the area.
  • Warrant Pick up, Dekalb County Jail, Alexis Dukes picked up for a FTA warrant and transported to the Walton county Jail
  • Snake Call, Towler St., Rat was stuck under the stove. Rat was disposed of.
  • Follow Up, West Spring St., male subject from yesterday’s domestic/suicide attempt who was clearer minded this morning stated that his girlfriend did punch him in the mouth.  Warrant to be taken on the girlfriend for Battery-FV. Supp to be added
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St./Hwy 138, Black male with a backpack talking to himself. Negative Contact.
  • Animal Cruelty, South Broad St., Passerby saw someone striking a dog with a pipe. Made contact with Zachariah Horner who admitted to striking the dog with a pipe because it took his sandal. Horner arrested for cruelty to animals. Animal Control advised they will go by residence on Monday and only take the dog if the owner surrenders.
  • Dispute, Sorrells St., Dispute between two female subjects over threats made by one subject towards the other subject and that subject showed up to take her up on her offer.  Parties were separated.
  • Demented person, West Spring St., Walmart, reference to a black female parked near grocery acting strangely. Made contact with the female who stated she was waiting on her neighbor to finish shopping.

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