MPD Reports: Man reports vehicle carjacked, but declines to press charges; dispute over virtual learning

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 7 – 14, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Other Law – Breedlove Drive (Ridgeview): In reference to Complainant needing help getting his son into Rigeview. Son agreed to go for a mental evaluation at Piedmont Hospital. Son was transported by his father in the POV. 

Extra Patrol – 4th Street complainant requesting extra patrol of his residence during the night hours. 

Suspicious Person – Colquitt Street and Cherokee Avenue – subject walking between two residences on East Church Street. The subject had active arrest warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. WCSO confirmed warrant but denied placing hold. 

CarJacking – W Spring St. A subject had his 2008 Honda Civic stolen from him by a named subject. He stated he did not want to press charges and just wanted to go home. He was given a ride to his home at Camp Lake Rd. 

Traffic Stop -Hwy 78EB at E Marable St Bridge. Vehicle stopped for speeding and towed for no proof of insurance. 

Dispute – Gliding Ln. In ref to two parties disputing over their sons’ virtual learning schoolwork. One subject was gone upon officer arrival. Report taken. 

Hit and Run -Hwy 11 & Charlotte Rowell. In reference to a blue in color Ford Taurus rear ended the complainant’s vehicle and drove off. GEARS report completed. 

Fraud – Southview Dr. In reference to a civil issue regarding a purchase of a vehicle. Civil remedies advised and report taken per complainant’s request. 

Civil Issue -E. Fambrough Street. A verbal dispute between two parties over living arrangements. Civil remedies given. 

Theft Report – Westridge Avenue subject taking items from residence over the weekend. Report made. 

Traffic Stop – Hwy 78 EB at Walton Truck Stop. Vehicle was stopped due to officer knowing the driver had an active warrant since 07/07/2020 out of the WCSO. WCSO did not want to place a hold. Subject was sent on his way. 

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