MPD Reports: Man shot by stepson; gun discharged in gun store showroom

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 3 – 10, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

MPD report of an assault – 2151 W. Spring St – Subject shot by step-son in Tanglewood. Turned over to CID. In response to a follow up, MPD report it was a juvenile that shot his stepdad in the bicep.  The bullet went straight through. Non-Life threatening. The case is closed and no charges due to being a juvenile. In a follow up report, MPD noted that the juvenile has since been turned over to a Juvenile Detention Facility and is facing several weapons charges.

Dispute – Baker St. Complainant advised he wanted his girlfriend’s son to be told not to come back to his residence anymore after tonight. Complainant was advised that the situation was a civil issue due to the circumstances and no law has been broken. Civil remedies advised. 

Found Property – East Marable Street / Turner Street: In reference complainant finding a B B Gun in the roadway. Remedies were explained to complainant. 

Agency Assist – Glenwood Drive in reference to Animal Control asking for an Officer because subject was being aggressive, subject received three citations from Animal Control. 

Meet complainant – East Church Street in reference to complainant wanting to report suspicious activity at residence next-door. Extra patrols set and complainant referred to joint ops ref possible 38D (drugs) activity at East Church Street. 

Business Alarm – MedLink -Rear door was found to be unsecured. Building was cleared and rear door was secured. 

Other Law – S Broad St. Trading Places – in reference to a customer who discharged his pistol in the show room floor. No injuries. Report made for documentation. 

Assault – Carwood Dr – In reference to two subjects being involved in a physical altercation. Both parties transported to Piedmont Walton for treatment. Report taken. 

Assault – Knight St – Subject was punched in the face by another subject, Area check of Lacy St, Pine Park, and Davis St. no contact. 

Suspicious Person – N. Midland & Edwards St -Reference to subject walking in the roadway. After being briefly detained he was sent on his way.

Shoplifting – E Spring St – in reference to a white male who entered the store wearing a Covid mask and stole items. No gloves were worn and he dropped several items on the counter which was collected for prints. Video will be available after 0600. 

Suspicious Person – E Church St – in reference to black male on location refusing to leave. Upon calling 911 the male left prior to officers’ arrival. All ok. 

Damage to Property – Harris Street in reference to complainant wanting to report her tires slashed. Complainant declined a report when she remembered that she damaged her vehicle herself. 

Suspicious Person – McDaniel Street: In reference to a black lady walking up down the street in front of this location. Contact was made with subject who is looking for her cell phone that she lost. All Okay. 

Wellfare Check – to a 2-year-old boy walking down the street; walked out side of 5th Street’s back door following their dog. The Aunt found boy before Officer arrival. 

Dispute/Kidnapping – Hardee’s -Anonymous complainant called in reference to a female subject being forced into a pickup truck. Contact made with subject and his step-daughter. The step daughter is special needs and was having an outburst, all okay. 

EMS Assist – Sporty Lane: in reference to an 18-month-old bitten by a spider. Turned over to EMS 

Animal Complaint – Hubbard Street in reference to the complainant wants to give up their dogs to animal control. Animal Control was notified and will meet the complainant Tuesday. 

Dispute – East Spring Street in reference to a subject assaulting the complainant. The subject was arrested and charged with Simple Battery. 

Dispute – Piedmont Walton -Staff called in reference to a mental patient attempting to flee and being combative. Situation mediated. 

Demented Person – Breedlove Drive in reference to a male subject arguing with the staff and has not been mentally evaluated. Subject asked to be taken to the hospital to get help because he is seeing people and hurting himself. 

Other Law – Breedlove Drive (Ridgeview): In reference complainant stating that Ridgeview is holding her daughter who is 28 yrs. of age against her will. The complainant wanted it documented. Report made. 

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