MPD Reports: Man with gunshot wound to his leg says he was shot while walking in the woods near Tanglewood

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 25 – Dec. 2, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Traffic Stop – E Church St / S Hammond Dr. In reference to previous call of domestic dispute with a named subject who fled the scene on foot from 508 Landers Street. 330 was patrolling the area in search of the subject and observed a man matching the description get into a vehicle in front of Tall Oaks on East Church Street. The vehicle was stopped and the subject was identified to be another subject but one who had a valid warrant for his arrest out of Duluth Minnesota for the sale of illegal narcotics. The warrant was confirmed by dispatch and he was arrested, taken to the Walton County Jail and turned over to the staff on scene without incident.
  • Shoplifting – S Broad St – Marathon. In reference to a black male shoplifting a pack of cigarettes. The Complainant did not wish to prosecute.
  • Dispute – E Marable St: In reference to a named subject getting into a verbal argument with another over drinking too much alcohol. Parties separated.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Harris St: In reference to juveniles banging on the complainant’s door. Contact was made with the juveniles and advised to stay away from the property.
  • Child Abuse – Piedmont Walton -ER staff called in reference to subject on location for a suicide attempt and claimed her 6-week-old infant was being abused by family members, subject appeared to be unstable, Walton County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and the incident was turned over to them due to the incidents occurring at subject’s residence located outside city limits.
  • Dispute – Plaza Dr: In reference to the occupants of in a verbal argument. Contact was made with two subjects. The female was advising that the male was having a mental episode. He was transported to Piedmont Walton.
  • Gunshot Wound – Piedmont Walton – Security staff on location called in reference to a named subject on location with a gunshot wound to the leg, being dropped off by another male subject. Smith was unable to provide any significant information, other than he was shot while walking in the woods near Tanglewood. CID notified. Smith had a non-life-threatening injury.
  • Fight – Douglas St. in reference to dispute between a female, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend. She was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.
  • 0604 Hours (Dispute) 338A Towler Street. In reference to a female being locked out of the residence by a male subject subject, who was no longer on location. Officer asked for his phone number in an attempt to call, and tell him to come unlock the door, and she stated that she could not give his phone number to the police. She was subsequently provided transportation to her grandmother’s house at 602 Davis Street.
  • Dispute – G.W. Carver Cir: Anonymous female caller stated someone was in her residence destroying property, phone number located this address, Contact made with a female subject who stated there was no dispute at the residence. No further contact was able to be made with the complainant.
  • Damage to Property – Bridgeport Ln. In reference to busted window incident occurred at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. He was advised to make contact with APD
  • Dispute – Lacy Street. In reference to a woman disputing with a named subject about damage to her vehicle. She was struck by the subject in the face resulting in a laceration to her left cheek. She was cleared by Walton EMS and declined to press charges. A private property accident report will be completed. The male subject has a valid probation violation warrant out of Hall County, although they advised will not accept into the facility.

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