MPD Reports: Mental health and Alzheimer issues, domestic disputes and report of an alleged stabbing

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 19 – 26, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to patient in room attempting to be violent with staff. Patient was cooperative with staff while police were on scene. All ok. 

Dispute – Michael Circle: Verbal dispute between two subjects. Conflicting stories about a physical altercation that took place. Parties separated. 

EMS Assist – E Church St. Subject inside store was visibly shaken and possibly intoxicated. Turned over to EMS. 

Damage to Property – Tanglewood Dr. Subject advised her mother broke the front window of her residence. Daughter lives on location. Report taken. 

Suspicious person – homeless male refusing to leave. He was criminal trespassed from the location for 2 years. 

Dispute – Tanglewood Drive Subject on location causing a disturbance due to her mental state, she was issued a mental evaluation order by employee from Advantage. 

Suspicious Person – East Fambrough Street: Subject having a mental health episode, EMS responded and transported subject for treatment. 

Shoplifting – North Broad Street black male subject that stole from the store yesterday walked into the store and left. The complainant wanted an Officer to ID him. Negative contact with the subject. 

Entering Auto – MLK Blvd Subject wanted to report that his about to be ex-wife entered his vehicle and stole his note pad that contained his work-related stuff on it. 

Dispute – Lacy Street a domestic dispute between two subjects. Juvenile complaint to be taken on juvenile for Batter-Family Violence. 

Dispute – McDaniel St. Subject advised his wife was having an Alzheimer related episode.

Assault – West Spring Street: Victim advised he was stabbed somewhere by Tall Oaks on E. Church St. sometime around 2000-2100 hours on 11/22/2020, by two black males. He was not able to give a clothing description or say what he was stabbed with. He said they did not take anything from him and did not demand anything from him either. 

Dispute – West Spring Street (Piedmont Walton) patient with a signed mental health order signed refusing to stay in room and take medications ordered. TOT ER Staff. 

Dispute – South Madison Avenue (WCSO) Subject being followed by his ex-wife. Subject has bond conditions to stay away from ex, Ex followed subject from his residence to Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Contact made with ex- wife by WCSO at her residence in the county. Report documented. 

Juvenile Complaint – Alcovy Street juveniles playing in the street. Advised to stay out of street. all ok 

Suspicious Vehicle – Southview Dr a suspicious vehicle parked on an access drive. Methamphetamine located in the driver’s side floor board. Subject transported by EMS to Piedmont Walton. Warrant taken. 

Traffic Offense – Atha St & South Madison Ave. In reference to a subject stopped for failing to maintain lane. Further investigation led to his arrest for Possession of Cocaine. 

Follow up – West Spring St in reference to place subject under arrest for possession of meth from Officer call from last night. 

Assault – South Madison Ave in reference to the subject claiming she was assaulted right before her arrest. 

Damage to property – W Spring St. Civil issue between subject and her cousin in reference to a vehicle accident that happened on Sunday, 11/22/2020. Subjects’ cousin said he would fix the car and is now refusing to fix the car. 

Dispute – W Spring St. Subject was being difficult with the hospital staff. They requested our presence to assist them with administering medication to patient who had been mentally evaluated. 

Suspicious Person – North Broad Street (J&B food Mart) In reference to Black male with black shorts and black hoodie. Complainant stated same subject reference to case # Negative contact. 

Other Law – North Broad Street (J&B Food Mart) Subject was placed under arrest for obstruction. 

Dispute – Nelson Street: in reference to verbal dispute between two subjects. Parties agreed to separate and were advised of remedies. 

Follow Up – Nelson Street in reference to complainant needing an officer to stand by while he retrieves property. All okay. 

Theft – S Broad St in reference complainant having money taken from her account by a male subject she met in Atlanta. 

Agency Assist – West Spring Street (Huddle House) in reference to a male unconscious in his vehicle. Contact made with male subject in vehicle who showed signs of narcotics use. Consensual search conducted. Located during search was methamphetamine and other drug related objects. Subject was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug related objects. warrants to be taken. 

Entering Auto – East Church Street (Chestnut Cupboard) in reference to complainant losing his keys while in the store. Officer located the keys under the seats. 

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