MPD Reports: Mental health issues; 89-year-old given ride home and driver evaluation after traffic stop; former employee allegedly stole $5,700

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 16- 23, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental Person – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview – In reference to a 1013 patient on location damaging the facility. Patient was sedated by the medical staff, and placed into a seclusion room, while Officers’ were on location. Report taken.
  • Loud Music – Maple Place Town Homes – Contact made with subjects having a birthday party. Advised to turn down music. All okay.
  • Welfare Check – S Broad St; Abundance of Love Care Home – In reference to a welfare check on a male patient that was bedridden. The primary care taker was not originally on location at the time of the call but later arrived to provide documentation. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – S Broad St: Male subject in all black riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the road. Subject was informed of the traffic laws pertaining to bicycles and sent on his way.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – New Lacy Street: Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed along New Lacy. Contact was made with the vehicle in which a subject wanted to interfere with the
  • investigation. The driver had a warrant for his arrest out of another agency. Warrant was confirmed but no hold was placed. The subject who interfered was detained and released after the investigation was completed.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Peters and Foster: Vehicle on location after hours. Contact made to insure no
  • criminal activity was afoot. Subjects advised they had gotten off work at LR Burger and left to eat. All ok.
  • Traffic Stop – 78 Truck Stop – Male subject arrested for DUI and driving on a suspended license following a traffic stop for no tag lights.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – McDaniel St/Pinecrest- Call in reference to a blue minivan unable to maintain lane. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle for multiple traffic violations. Contact was made with an 89-year-old female driver. She was given a ride home. A driver evaluation form was completed.
  • Loud Music – Landers St.- Female called in reference to loud music possibly in the area of Landers St. Area checks conducted.
  • Dispute – Piedmont Parkway -In reference to employees fighting a third party. The third party was gone when officers arrived. Simple battery warrants to be taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Creek View Ct – Call in reference to two males ringing the complainants’ doorbell. Two males were discovered to be working for a lawn service. All okay on location.
  • Dispute / Use of Force – Roosevelt St.- Male subject disputing with the complainant fled from officers and was tased. He was taken into custody and cleared by EMS before being transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office on obstruction charges.
  • Loud Music – Maple Ln- Complainant called in reference to a noise complaint coming from the Maple Place townhomes, contact was made with subject who was advised to turn the music down.
  • Dispute – Cook Pl- Dispute between one subject and a named subject was arrested for FV Simple Assault and FV Criminal Trespass. He was transported to WCSO without incident.
  • Theft report – Hwy 78; Truckstop: In reference to the complainant advising of an ex-employee stealing approximately $5,700.00 from his office. When asked when the theft occurred he advised it was December of 2023. Report taken.
  • Assault – W Spring Street; Piedmont Walton – complainant had information on the assailant that she did not have earlier when the incident occurred at Gotham Greens. Report supplemented.
  • Juvenile complaint – Towler St; In reference to a subject advising another juvenile making racial slurs to him and his sister. Both parties’ parents were contacted and remedied the issue amongst themselves. No further action taken.
  • Damage to Property – W Spring St – tractor trailer vs. Oriental Garden building.
  • EMS Assist – Tanglewood Dr. In reference to a large crowd on location. Upon arrival, the crowd dispersed, all ok.
  • Child custody – S Broad St; Securecare self-storage: In reference to the complainant wanting Officers to standby while she dropped her children off at her ex-husband’s residence. All appeared ok.
  • Mental Health Episode – Cocina Fuentes – Female subject stated that she wanted to take her own life while officers were on scene. She was transported to Piedmont Walton for a 1013 evaluation without incident.
  • Traffic Stop Arrest – Hwy 138 and Michael Etchison Rd – Subject was stopped for a defective headlight and was found to have a suspended license for failure to appear. Vehicle impounded, driver arrested, cited two times and released on copies at MPD.

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