MPD Reports: Mental health issues, juvenile problems and fleeing suspects arrested

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 18 – 25, 2021. Due to the length, this report is split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Road Rage -Hwy 138/West Spring – Contact was made with the drivers at Cocina Fuentes. It was determined that the incident took place in the County. TOT WCSO. 

Shoplifting – E. Spring St. Dollar General. Complainant wished for the offender to be issued a criminal trespass warning. Did not wish to press charges for shoplifting. He was issued the warning. 

Dispute – S. Madison St. Caller advised she and her boyfriend were arguing over money. She advised she was going to leave, then changed her mind. Dispute mediated. 

Mental Subject – Creek View Ct. Caller advised her pill bottle lids were taken off by a male in a silver Chevy Impala. It was apparent the complainant was having a mental episode. All ok. 

Follow Up – Creek View Ct. – Complainant called back stating the male had come back into residence. Once again it was apparent, she was having a mental episode. Nobody else on location. 

Traffic Stop/Vehicle Pursuit) on HW7 at Marable St Bridge. Stopped for 90 in a 55, the driver was asked to step out of car due to smell of drugs and the vehicle fled to Hitachi. One passenger was released on scene, a second after two citations. Driver was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, drug related objects, speeding 90/55, and unsafe vehicle. Vehicle removed by Taylors. Approx 9oz of marijuana seized along with baggies, a scale, and a loaded S&W magazine. 

Damage to Property – East Washington St. In reference to graffiti spray painted on the building. Employees on location advised that the complainant/manager was no longer on location and went to a meeting. Employees advised that their manager would be back at a later time this date. Employees were advised to re-contact if the manager wanted to file a report. All ok. 

Other Law – West Spring St. Murphy USA. In reference to a customer who paid for gas and put it in a Home Depot bucket and not a gas can. Remedies were advised. All ok. 

Request to Meet – West Spring St., Panera Bread. Called in by an explorer employee ref to subject sleeping in an employees’ vehicle. Report was requested by GM at Panera Bread. 

Suspicious Person -Bryant Rd., Athens Tech. Athens Tech security officers advised of a white male with short hair, wearing dark colored shorts and flip-flops pulling on school door handles and saying he had warrants and was hiding from police. Contact was made with the subject at the intersection of Bryant and Stowers. The subject was tased after a brief fight with officers. He was released on copy of citation at Piedmont Walton. 

Suspicious Person – 2nd St. In reference to the complainant advising that they have video footage of possible juveniles climbing on their roof. Complainant was advised remedies. 

EMS Assist – 4th St. EMS out with a 3-month-old and suspected child abuse. TOT CID and DFACS. 

Suspicious Vehicle – West Spring St., Walmart. Ref to blk motorcycle with possible driver with warrants. Traffic stop performed in parking lot and it was not the wanted subject, all ok. 

Temporary Protection Order violation – South Broad St., MPD. Complainant reported subject was driving by his residence harassing him. Remedies advised. 

Juvenile Problem – Douglas St. Verbal argument between two juveniles that possibly involved throwing rocks. Report made. 

Suspicious Person -Walmart a female who was picked up from the hospital by her son jumping out of the vehicle and attempting to get away from the son. Contact was made in the area of the hospital. It was apparent the female was having a mental issue. She was turned over to medical staff for a mental evaluation. 

Child Custody – East Spring St Complainant called 911 because her husband moved from his residence with their child. 

Suspicion vehicle – West Spring Street white female got into a Ford F`150 and was not supposed to be driving due to she was just released from outpatient surgery. The subject was given a city citation for disorderly conduct. 

Traffic Offense – Hwy 78 E & Hwy 138 the female driver, arrested for warrants out of Chatham SO. 

Traffic Offense -Harris St & E Church – female subject stopped for failure to dim, further investigation led to her arrest for possession of marijuana less than one ounce, obstruction, tampering with evidence. 

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