MPD Reports: Missing person; Juvenile threatened to take gun to school, more

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Oct. 27 – Nov. 2, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the first part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, Hubbard Street in reference to complainant’s wife friend not moving her car from the driveway.  She was gone on arrival.
  • Dispute, South Madison Ave in reference to a condemned building having people living inside the residence.  Advised the people they needed to leave in one hour due to the building being condemned.
  • Dispute, North Broad Street.  In Reference to harassment report. Complainant, who lives at Carver Place, found a bike underneath her car this morning she stated she is being harassed by the neighborhood kids.
  • Burglary, Dorothy Drive in reference to complainant’s residence being broken into. Came in through a back window and left through a back door.  Two TV’s taken.
  • Dispute, South Madison Avenue.  Met with the complainant in reference to female subject being on location after being told to leave. She was writing a criminal trespass warning.
  • Dispute, North Madison Ave. met with complainant who wanted a police report in regard to the children of a female she takes care of continuously harassing her and wanting to take female’s bank card.
  • Complainant advised female’s children refused to take care of her.  She advised DFACS and they told her to make a report with the police.
  • Dispute, East Church Street.  Subjects would not leave upon request of the staff.  Subject left prior to police arrival.
  • Dispute, Overlook Crest in reference to a roofer not getting paid.  Advised to take the issue up with Civil court.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring Street – Wal-Mart in reference to Elijah Rowe taking $400 cash out of a register on 10/10, 10/12, 10/22, and 10/24.  Rowe was arrested for theft by taking.
  • Scam, Bakers Street, in reference to complainant receiving a scam phone call advising her she would receive a large amount of money from a grant if she would provide a card number or if she wanted to receive it in cash she would have to go to WalMart or Walgreen and pay $200 to receive the cash she just wanted to make us aware of the situation.
  • Damage to Property, South Broad Street / West Washington Street.  While on a traffic stop a passerby advised a white RV pulling a green Masada Miata with SC tag struck the cross walk light on South Broad and West Washington Street. Vehicle was located at Legends Auto Sales. Officer found the RV and the information was collected for the report.
  • Agency Assist, Reed Street.  Assisted SRO with meeting with the parents of juvenile whom threaten to bring a gun to school (Atha Elementary). SRO documented the case with Monroe Police.
  • Medical Emergency, West Marable Street, caller on location requesting EMS due to unsteadiness on his feet and blood pressure issues.  Walton EMS handled.
  • Damage to Property, Highland Creek Drive in reference to named male subject damaging complainant’s property while having his property cleared.
  • Domestic dispute, W. Spring St. (Sprint), daughter-in-law and mother-in-law disputing over cell phone that was cut off. Mother-in-law was Gone with cell phone when officers arrived. Advised of civil process. Report taken.
  • Juvenile complaint, Carver Place, in regard to complainant stating a group of 4 black male juveniles in area bothering her great-granddaughter and then threw a football at her house. Report taken, no damage to residence.
  • Missing person, Kaity’s Diner, complainant advised female subject (employee) has not been heard from in 2 days and was last seen in room at Monroe Motor Inn with named male subject. Report taken, negative contact @ Monroe Motor Inn. Subject placed on GCIC.
  • Suspicious person, N. Broad St. (J B Food Mart) subject on location refusing to leave. Subject gone  prior to arrival of officer.
  • Noise complaint, Walton Mill in regard to small birthday party at gazebo. Crowd advised of noise and told to shut party down.
  • Suspicious person, Pannell Rd. Contact made w/ complainant who advised she was in dispute but not provide info with whom. Complainant stated she had a friend coming to get her.
  • Juvenile complaint, Mill Stone Bluff in regard to kids ringing doorbells and then hiding. Contact made w/ juveniles and sent them home due to curfew.
  • Domestic dispute, E. Spring St., complainant stated named subject flicked a cigarette at her and slapped her. No visible injuries, report taken.
  • Damage to property, Wheelhouse Ln., complainant advised she left residence for 30 minutes and her mother was still on location. When she returned, front door of residence was loose and screws at bottom of door were out. No signs of forced entry, all was ok. Report declined
  • Suspicious vehicle/38-D (drugs) in regard to anonymous caller advising white female with blond hair and wearing black shirt driving a purple Dodge Caravan headed to Walmart to purchase drugs. Negative contact, Walton County Sheriff’s Office had contact in county.
  • Suspicious person on Plaza Dr. in regard to B/M wearing hoodie checking locked vehicles in area. Area checked w/ negative contact.
  • Suspicious person, Plaza Tr. In regard to resident possibly seeing shadow on front porch. Area checked with negative contact.
  • WCSO stopped suspicious vehicle/in chase with silver Nissan sedan and white male wearing brown jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes fled from vehicle near S. Madison Ave. and Atha St. Assisted with setting up perimeter and tracking through woods.
  • Prowler call, W. 5th St. in regard to caller stating an unknown person came to her front door and knocked and then left. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Threats, Davis St. in regard to caller wanted ride home because he felt threatened. Caller was gone according to family at residence. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Shoplifting at Walmart. Staff advised black wearing all black made 2-3 trips in and out of store and staff then made contact and black male handed meat to staff and ran out of store. Area was checked with negative contact. Due to Walmart retrieving meat, a report was declined at this time. Video was checked and unaware of who the male is.
  • Suspicious Activity, Baker Street in reference to a bag of white powdery substance in the roadway.  The substance tested negative for drugs and was disposed of.
  • Animal Complaint, Etten Drive/Etten Ct., dog running loose in the area.  Caller advised a loose dog bit him in the leg.  Dog was located on Etten Court.  Officer unable to detain the animal. Animal Control was notified.
  • Suspicious vehicle at South Madison Ave / Davis Street vehicle ran out of gas was pushed out of the road way prior to arrival.  Sister was taking the owner to get gas.
  • Theft, Clay Will Circle in reference to a stolen tag taken off of a 1999 Honda Accord registered to female subject. Theft took place between 10/22/2017 1500 hours and 10/28/2017 1215 hours. Unknown suspect(s).

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