MPD Reports: Monroe PD assist in arrested an escaped prisoner from Jackson State Prison;

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 14 – 21, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • DUI – Alcovy Street / Wayne Street – Single vehicle accident. Driver was arrested for DUI, transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office and released on citations without issue.
  • Suspicious Persons – West Spring Street @ Taco Bell- Anonymous complainant called about a homeless individual acting strangely at the yard sale behind the store. Contact was made with the subject and he was sent on his way.
  • Followup/Arrest – West Springs Street @ McDonald’s; In reference to serving an arrest warrant on employee in reference to theft report. Fingerprinted and taken to WCSO.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest – Highway 138 at Chik Fil A- Vehicle stopped due to making an illegal maneuver out of the Wal-Mart parking lot exit. Driver was arrested for Poss Sched IV-Lorazepram, Drugs to be kept in original cont, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, and Child Safety Seat Violation. Reasor was taken to WCSO jail without incident.
  • Damage to Property – Eagles Trail; In reference to a female subject reporting her ex-boyfriend slashed her tires last night. No PC found, report made
  • Suspicious Vehicle – East Church St – In reference to an anonymous caller stating a red Ford Focus throwing items from the vehicle. Contact made, the driver who was throwing boiled peanut shells. Subject was given a warning for brake light violation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – West Spring Street @ McDonald’s; In reference to a 2013 black HYUNDAI, with two occupants in a physical dispute. Made Contact with occupants behind Dunkin Donuts, no evidence of dispute was found. Report made.
  • Disturbing The Peace – Davis Street / Wall- Reference to loud music coming from a van. All okay on scene.
  • EMS Assist – East Church Street – In reference to a female subject not responsive. Transported by EMS.
  • Reckless Driving – in Felker Park in reference to a named subject doing donuts in the parking lot. He was arrested for Reckless Driving.
  • Missing person – Felker St. In reference to a female subject wanting to report her son missing. She made contact with her son while on scene, no action taken.
  • Hit and Run – Davis Street – In reference to a Tahoe being hit by a Silverado while parked.
  • Civil issue – Overlook Trl: In reference to the complainant advising her sister possibly broke into her residence. No signs of forced entry were visible and no items missing from the residence. She was advised of the eviction and Temporary Protection Order process and advised of remedies.
  • Vehicle Unlock/Warrant Service – E Spring St- Complaint locked keys inside of vehicle. She had warrants for her arrest out of Winder Police Department and was arrested, transported and released to a Winder Police Officer.
  • Warrant Attempt – Towler Street in reference to officers looking for a female subject who had felony Probation warrants. Negative Contact.
  • Dispute – Harris St- Reference to a female subject who wanted her son out of her home. She is flagged as a mental patient in Spillman. Remedies were advised, parties separated.
  • 911 Hang up – Oak Ridge; Contact made with homeowner. Windstream Phone Company contacted 911 in error. Recurring Issue. Everything in good order.
  • Welfare Check – West Spring Street @ Farmers Furniture; In reference to an individual screaming and crying in the parking lot. Contact was made with the male subject who informed me that he twisted his ankle. He was given a ride to the Haven Inn.
  • Loud Music – Bridgeport Place; In reference to a Complaint of a black SUV emitting loud music in the area. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Damage to Property – Towler St- In reference to Damage to silver Kia Optima occurred at John’s Supermarket. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78 West- Vehicle pulled over out of the roadway. Vehicle was unoccupied and secured. Vehicle did not come back stolen. Contact was attempted with the registered owner via telephone however it was unsuccessful. No further action taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78 @ Hwy 11; In reference to a black passenger car left unattended on the shoulder of the roadway. Vehicle was tagged.
  • Animal complaint – Pavilion Pkwy; Hibbett Sports: In reference to complainant advising a K9 was left unattended in a vehicle. Contact was made with the female subject who advised she ran into the store for a brief moment. The K9 appeared ok and not in any distress.
  • Other Law – East Spring Street – In reference to a male subject getting mail from a Midland County Warrant service in Texas for a named female who no longer lives there.
  • DUI/Accident – S Mad Ave at E Fambrough St. In reference to a two vehicle accident. Female driver was charged with DUI less safe, Open Container, License not on person and failure to yield. Transported to WCSO jail without incident. Report taken, GEARS report completed. Vehicles towed by Taylors.
  • Scam – Breedlove Dr- Reference to complainant getting scam calls on WhatsApp from suspects in Mexico. He was advised to block the suspects and not send any money.
  • Dispute – Ridge Rd: In reference to the complainant advising she is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend was gone when officers arrived and she was explained the TPO process. Remedies advised.
  • Threats – N Hammond Dr. The complaint was in reference to a threat report and case of Carver Middle School that the Sheriff’s Officer was already investigating and had posted it on the Walton County Facebook page.
  • Agency Assist – N. Broad St. Officers Assisted Jackson State Prison Deputy Warden apprehend an escaped inmate that was staying in the Deer Acres in Hotel room. The subject was apprehended and transported back to prison by the deputy Warden.

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