MPD reports: Mother calls 911 to get daughter’s clothes out of her room

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 17 – 24, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction. 

  • Shoplifting -Walmart. Alleged shoplifting fled the scene leaving his cell phone behind, report completed and forwarded to Criminal Investigation Division. 
  • Dispute – Southside Park Complainant called 911 stating a subject was refusing to leave. She was Criminal Trespassed from the residence.
  • Dispute – Southside Park. Verbal dispute between the father and stepdad. All ok.
  • Dispute – Felker St Complainant mother called 911 because she wanted daughters’ clothes out of her room. Options Advised
  • Loitering – W. Spring St. in reference to teenagers loitering in the parking lot. They were sent on their way.
  • Dispute – Unisia Dr. Complainant called 911 because an unknown female told her she will see her when she gets off work and left the scene.
  • Trespassing – N. Madison Ave. in reference to someone tampering with fence and AC units. Declined report at this time until AC unit inspection can be done. Extra patrols requested until repairs made.
  • Speeding – Pinecrest Dr. in reference to speeding cars. Area checked and appears to be ok.
  • Loitering – Harry’s Marathon; in reference to group of teens loitering. Group sent on their way.
  • Dispute – W. Marable St. Subject got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend. Parties separated. All ok.
  • Gunshots – Baron Dr.; Area checked in reference to hearing a single gunshot. No contact made with anyone shooting.
  • Animal Complaint – Mill St. in reference to a complainants’ cat scratching her after the cat removed its cone from around its head. The complainant was advised to contact animal control if she has any further issues.
  • Burglary – In reference to complainants’ home being broken into while she and her husband were out of town. The Cellphone case recovered that did not belong to them and was placed into evidence.
  • Damage to Property – Glen Iris Dr. – Homeowner stated that someone broke her window. After further investigation, it was found the window was broken up due to weather conditions.
  • Entering Auto – Glen Iris Dr. – Complainant reported someone got into his car and ransacked it. Nothing was taken. Denied report.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Plaza Dr.: Complainant stated that her 2013 BMW with Ga Tag #CFC 4144, white in color was stolen. Report taken.
  • Animal complaint – Southside. K9 left outside and will not stop barking. K9 was on location but not barking. Animal Control was advised to check on the welfare of K9 due to living conditions.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Davis St. in reference to someone stealing complainants’ 2002 BMW X5. Dispatch advised the vehicle was at Taylor’s towing after an overnight incident. Report taken.
  • Domestic Dispute – N. Broad St. (Deere Acres Inn): Complainant located her husband in a room with another woman. Husband and other said-woman were gone when police.
  • Dispute – Tanglewood Dr. – Complainant was disputing over money. Subject gave the money back. All ok.
  • Domestic Dispute – Walker Dr.: 3rd party caller advised of a dispute at this location. Made contact with homeowners and they advised all was ok.
  • Welfare Check – Gatewood Dr. – Complainant was having some personal issues and stated he didn’t feel comfortable at his house. The complainant was upset about not being off his ankle monitor yet. The complainant advised to contact the bonding company to see what his options are.
  • Unknow law -Walmart. caller stated she saw a black male yelling and cussing at his child for shoplifting. Male was gone on arrival, unknown vehicle or directions.

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