MPD Reports: Motorcycle wrecks after pursuit, 911 called by mother on disrespectful son

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 23 – 30, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Shoplifting – W Spring St. Walmart. In reference to female in custody in the loss prevention office. Subject was fingerprinted and released on copy. Report taken. 

Theft in Progress – Stonecreek Bend. Contact made with subjects who were part of a roofing crew working on houses. All ok. 

Suspicious Person – Plaza Trce. Country Grove Apts. In reference to several subjects in front of complainant’s residence smoking and being loud. Did not observe anyone hanging out in front of complainant’s residence. Spoke to three BM’s and they advised that they are just hanging out in a friend’s apartment. No crime has been committed at this time. 

Dispute – Highland Ter. In reference to complainant’s mother intoxicated causing a scene. Complainant and mother were verbally arguing in the kitchen of the residence and mother advised she attempted to grab her 17-year-old’s daughter’s phone while they were arguing. Daughter went over to her uncle’s residence for the night. Both parties separated without incident. 

Civil issue – Douglas St. Animal Control was on scene with a German Shepherd attack on a Pug. Owner of Pug wanted vet bills covered by owner of German Shepherd. Advised of Civil Issue. 

Illegal Dumping – West Fambrough St., His glory Apparel. Residents of Bridgeport Subdivision are dumping trash in the business’ dumpster. Report taken. City Marshall notified. 

Found property – West spring St., Piedmont Walton. Coroner located gun in dead persons belongings and needed MPD to disarm. Pistol was ran through GCIC and cleared. 

Dispute -Douglas St. Several parties both adult and juveniles were engaged in mutual fighting. All with conflicting stories, parties separated and advised of the warrant process. 

Warrant Attempt – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. Caller advised of a subject who is on location with active warrants. Contact was made with the subject and he was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Walton County jail. Report taken 

Theft – W Spring St. Walton Athletic. In reference to $40 cash and Beats headphones being stolen from a locker in the locker room. Report taken. 

Theft – Plaza Dr In reference to a stolen license plate. Report taken. License plate (GA/ASIAMAE) was listed on GCIC/NCIC as stolen. 

Found Property – Colquitt Street: In reference to a black and white child’s bike in the back yard. Unknown owner of bike. No report of lost or stolen bike per radio in the past 24 to 48 hours. 

Threats – 6TH Street – In reference to complainant reported that her son was jumped and his phone was stolen. Complainant already filed a report about that. However, this morning the boy who jumped her son sent her a Snapchat off the phone that was stolen and was making threats to her. Report taken. 

Fraud – South Hammond Drive -Complainant reported fraudulent activity from his business account. Report taken. 

911 Hang-up – S. Broad St. – In reference to the clerk advising that a lady wasn’t feeling good, but was taken to the hospital by someone. Everything was ok. 

Theft Report – Fleeting Ct. – In reference to a neighbor taking lumber off a lot. Contact was made with a subject who stated he took some scrap wood out of the dumpster. Subject was advised by the builder that he could not do that again due to company policy. 

Dispute – Tanglewood Drive in reference to complainant called 911 because her son was being disrespectful. Son was gone when officers arrived. 

Damage to Property – Mill Stone Bluff: In reference to a foot print on the back door. No other damage visible. Complainant wanted a report. 

Shoplifting – West Spring Street -Female subject arrested for Shoplifting (Misdemeanor). 

Shoplifting – Walmart; Subject was charged with shoplifting after she was caught by the loss prevention associates skip scanning. She was cited, criminally trespassed from the store, and released without incident. 

Suspicious Person – Gliding Lane. Complainant stated that someone was throwing things at his house and windows. No evidence of this was found. Complainant possibly having a mental health episode. 

EMS Assist – Tall Oaks Lane. Subject having a drug related episode. Turned over to EMS for transport/evaluation. 

Vehicle Pursuit/Agency Assist – Hwy 78. Loganville advised they had attempted to stop a motorcycle on Hwy 78 but it fled the scene. The motorcycle was located on Hwy 78 and after a short pursuit the driver wrecked his motorcycle. He was taken into custody and taken to the Walton county jail pending several warrants. 

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