MPD Reports: Multiple vehicle collisions with deer; female admitted to the hospital unresponsive walks off with IVs still attached

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period June 1 – 8, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – E Spring – St; Taylor’s Wrecker- Complainant advising his truck was towed last date and suspected Taylor’s of scamming him because they only take cash. Situation mediated.
  • Illegal Parking – Aycock Ave; In reference to multiple tractor trailers illegally parked in the roadway. Vehicles removed.
  • Found Property – Home Depot- In reference to a found license plate out of North Carolina. Tag did not return as stolen. Tag was submitted into evidence for safe keeping.
  • Harassment – Ridge Road; – In reference to harassment via social media.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – West Spring St @ Walton Athletic Fitness; In reference to a black Lexus in the parking lot for three weeks. Advised employee of options for removing vehicle.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78 @ Unisia Drive- Vehicle all over roadway. Negative Contact.
  • Fraud – South Broad St @ John’s Supermarket; In reference to a female on location attempting to cash a fraudulent check. – Called the place of employment for the female issuing the check and verified the check was valid. Supermarket was paid back for the previous bounced check. Incident documented.
  • Other Law – Blaine St; Monroe PD- Complainant advising he had not been paid for damages caused to his mailbox on 03/25. Complainant advised of Civil Process.
  • Animal Complaint – Hwy 78 @ Unisia Drive; In reference to an injured deer fawn in the roadway. Deer deceased upon arrival and removed from the roadway.
  • Traffic Stop/ Wanted Person) Hwy 78 @ Marable St; Male subject stopped for multiple traffic offenses. During the course of the stop it was discovered the driver had numerous warrants for his arrest. One of which was felony theft by taking out the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. He was arrested and turned over to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Foot Patrol/Suspicious Persons – East Marable St @ Matthews Park- While conducting foot patrol Officer observed a juvenile and adult male make sudden unprovoked headlong flight from the area upon observing the Officer. The subjects were stopped and identified after a brief foot pursuit. It is suspected the subjects were throwing firecrackers in the area due to witnesses and recent complaints in the area. One subject was sent on his way. The other was taken back to his residence and guardian notified.
  • Damaged Property – Blaine St @ MPD; Female subject called in reference to a vehicle accident which occurred earlier this date on West Spring St.
  • Firearms – Great Oaks Plaza; In reference to complainant reporting road rage incident where a black male in a black Toyota Camry followed him and waved a firearm out the window at him. Incident documented.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Union St; Complainant advised her son was being bullied and the other child’s parents were not doing anything to resolve the situation. Report taken. Remedies advised.
  • Disturbing the Peace – Pine Park Street; Anonymous complainant called in reference to people being loud and gambling outside. No signs of any disorder or criminal activity were found. No further action taken.
  • Loud Music – S Madison Avenue- Complainant called about loud music coming from the 24/12 cafe from across the street. Contact was made with the business owner.
  • Damage to property – Jim Daws Rd: In reference to single vehicle accident with deer. Report taken.
  • Disturbing the Peace – Pine Park Street; Complainant called back about more people outside of apartment. Crowd dispersed.
  • Damage to property – East Church Street, Woody Dr; In reference to a single vehicle accident with deer. Minor cosmetic damage. Report taken.
  • Warrant Service – Davis St in reference to a named suspect on location with an Aggravated assault warrant. He taken into custody without incident.
  • Other Law – MLK Blvd in reference to a female subject requested an escort to withdraw money from an ATM. All ok, nothing further.
  • Area Check – Piedmont Walton- In reference to a female leaving the hospital with (2) IV’s attached. Hospital staff advised when the female came in she was unresponsive. The area was searched and negative contact was made.
  • Welfare check – Glen Iris Dr In reference to a named female walking the street. Contact was made with her and advised not to be knocking on other peoples doors. All Ok.
  • Welfare Check – Dollar Tree- In reference to multiple customers outside the business stating it is locked but the lights are on. No employees appeared to be on location. Negative contact was made with a keyholder to see if an employee was on location.

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