MPD Reports: Naked man with backpack walking on Madison Ave. taken to Piedmont for mental health evaluation

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 21 – 28, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Civil issue – Tall Oaks Ln. Civil dispute over cell phone payments. Remedies advised, all ok. 

Juvenile issue – Double Springs Church Rd., Monroe Area High School. Ref to a female juvenile arrested for disruption of a public school and obstruction. Juvenile released to parent. 

Suspicious person – South Madison Ave. Three separate calls/complaints of a naked b/m walking in the area with a backpack. Subject located at Church St. and Milledge Ave., transported by EMS to Piedmont Walton for a mental health evaluation. 

Fire assist – South Broad St., Southside MHP. Report of 3 juveniles in the area that threw a firecracker into an abandoned trailer. 

Civil issue – South Madison Ave., JB Auto Sales. Complainant reported that he gave a subject $900 to fix his car and when complainant came to pick his car up, subject refused to give him his money back. 

Juvenile complaint – South Broad St., Walgreens. Ref to a b/m juvenile asking for money. Juvenile was turned over to a family member. All ok. 

Suspicious person – West Spring St., Walmart. Ref to a Hispanic couple with a small child by the door asking for money. Contact made near Murphy USA. Subjects were sent on their way per Walmarts request. 

Dispute – West Creek Cir. In ref to a verbal dispute over a car seat. Remedies were advised to the complainant. Report taken by request. 

Dispute – South Broad St in reference to juveniles disputing. Made contact with the complainant and the parents of the juveniles causing the issues. Report taken. 

Other Law – Lopez Lane. Complainant advised his electric wheel chair was hung on the couch and he was unable to free himself. Situation was resolved. 

Dispute – Breedlove Dr. A patient was refusing to leave the property with her mother. Patient did leave the property without incident. 

Discharging Firearms -Perry St in reference to the complainant hearing 5 shots in the area. Area check conducted, negative contact. 

Suspicious Person) Ridge Rd in reference to a male subject asking people for money. Contact made with the subject, who was advised not to panhandle. He was then transported to a Bridgeport address. Nothing further. 

Suspicious Persons – South Broad Street. Contact made with two parties who were standing outside the location in the dark moving things around. One subject had a key to the location and advised that he has permission to be on location, which is where he stores his belongings due to him being homeless. Nothing further. 

Dispute – West Spring Street (Wal-Mart): In reference to a black male striking a white female repeatedly per complainant. Negative contact with the subjects in question. 

Juvenile Problem – South Broad Street. Complainant advised that he smelled something burning while inside his residence. Stated that he came outside to find approximately three male juveniles running toward the old Conestoga. After walking around the property, he located what appeared to be a burn mark on the back window unit. He stated that he did not see the action but did see one juvenile wearing a Bass Pro Shop hat, throw a can of aerosol spray over a fence. Officers were unable to locate the juveniles or spray can. 

Theft Report – Golfview Terrace: Complainant wished to report his Glock 42 handgun possibly taken from his 2015 Dodge Ram approximately two months ago. Item will be entered onto GCIC. 

Private Property Hit and Run – West Spring Street (Quality Foods): In reference to a car backing up and striking the complainant’s vehicle. Report made. 

Dispute – Wheel House Lane In reference to a verbal Dispute. Complainant advised she was in a verbal dispute with a male friend. Would not provide other party’s information. All ok on location. 

Juvenile complaint – Glen Iris Dr -Complainant called in reference to a juvenile being chased by 3 other subjects. Report taken. 

Suspicious Person – W Spring St. Terry Highfield refusing to leave after being discharged. He was sent on his way. 

Dispute – Ridge Rd. Reference to Complainant verbally disputing with named suspect. No violence alleged by either party. Smith arrested for warrant out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office unrelated to call. 

Suspicious Person – W Spring St subject on location at Piedmont Walton. He was arrested for public indecency. 

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