MPD Reports: Neighbor arrested for assault, another for terroristic threats, over parking space; CPR performed on unconscious toddler

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 2 – 8, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Other Law – Overlook Crest – In reference to a female subject requesting a welfare check on an out of state grandchild. There is an Active DFCS case open and advised to contact DFCS POC to get out of state LE to do a welfare check. No evidence was presented the child was in immediate danger.
  • Dispute – Davis Street – In reference to a male and a female verbally disagreeing on the male getting medical help for chest pains. EMS arrived on scene to check on his wellbeing.
  • Traffic Stop – Charlotte Rowel/ N. Broad – In reference to white Ram truck, rolled coal, and laid drag at the light. He was arrested for Reckless Stunt Driving. He was fingerprinted and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office Jail.
  • Child Custody Dispute – Meadow Farms Way – In reference to a female and male subject having a verbal dispute about the female subject wanting to see their child. She was criminally trespassed from the residence and both parties were advised of remedies.
  • Assault – Breedlove Dr.; Ridgeview Institute – In reference to one patient assaulted another patient, and EMS was enroute. No charges taken due to parties under 1013 order. Victim turned over to EMS
  • Enter Auto – Boulevard- In reference to the complainant stating a white male on location attempting to enter his van. Contact was made with a male who was waiting on the bus for school. No enter auto occurred.
  • Dispute – Haven Inn. In reference to one resident leaving location and not removing her belongings and another resident not leaving after check out time had passed.
  • Damage to Property – N Broad/E Highland. Subject reported a hit and run accident that occurred the previous day between 1615 and 1630. 24M002529
  • Warrant Service – Blaine St. – Picked up a male subject from Hartwell GA, finger printed, and turned over to Walton County Jail.
  • Dispute – E. Spring St; LR Burger. In reference to a named subject showing up to location and causing a disturbance. He was gone prior to officer’s arrival and staff advised of available remedies.
  • Dispute – Pine Park St – In reference to neighbors disputing over a parking space. Male subject arrested for battery and the female subject was arrested for terroristic threats x2.
  • Civil Dispute – S. Broad; Lot 183. Civil dispute between a male and female over the female’s living habits. They were told once again of the eviction process.
  • Missing Person – Baron Dr – In reference to the complainant, the caretaker at the residence, reporting a subject missing. The subject suffers from Bipolar disorder and has other health problems. Area check was conducted with negative contact. While in the process of listing her on GCIC, she returned home. All ok.
  • EMS Assist – Tall Oaks W – In reference to a two-year-old on location unconscious and not breathing. CPR conducted on sight, Turned over to EMS.
  • Theft Report – N Broad Street; Quality Inn – Female subject called in reference to her Oculas VR Headset missing out of her property after her belongings were removed from the Haven Inn. She did wish to press charges for the item being stolen. The headset was listed as missing on GCIC/NCIC. Follow-up needed during day time hours to obtain video footage.
  • Prowler – Carwood Dr – In reference to the complainant seeing people in his backyard. Area checked on foot, negative contact with anyone on location.
  • Dispute – Pine Park St – In reference to a female subject being on location refusing to leave. She does not live on location and was advised to leave. She paid for a Lyft car, while Officers were on location, and advised she was leaving. All parties advised of remedies.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Felker Park – In reference to a Toyota Camry on location occupied by two males and a female subject They advised they were on location due to being coaches, and having been at the Allstar games earlier this date. They were advised of the park hours, and sent on their way. All ok
  • Suspicious Vehicle – West Creek Ct – In reference to a yellow / black Honda Civic being parked on location for several hours. The vehicle is registered to a named subject out of Statham. He, however, has a local return in Monroe. The tag on the vehicle, says Chatham County. Several attempts were made to ascertain if he knew where his vehicle was located. Negative contact was made with the owner. The vehicle was ran through GCIC and did not show as being stolen. All appeared ok.
  • EMS Assist – Carwood Dr – In reference to previous calls. The subject is now requesting EMS. After numerous attempts to get him to answer the door, he still refused to open the door for EMS or law enforcement.
  • Other Law – Carwood Dr: The subject again called asking if officers were coming to his house. Officers attempted to get him to come to the door but he still refused to answer again.

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