MPD Reports: No knock warrant nets slew of drug arrests and $18,000 in currency; slew of mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 13 – 20, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental health patient – N Midland Ave- Male subject called in reference to having a mental episode, he was transported by EMS.
  • Dispute – Walker Drive – Dispute between female and her children’s father. Father alleged female pointed a knife at him. No probable cause to take out warrants.
  • Dispute – Birch Street – Female subject called for a domestic dispute. Upon investigation of incident, male subject was arrested for criminal trespassing family violence. Warrant obtained, transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Mental heath patient – Harris St- Complainant advised her 25-year-old son was not home yet. She stated she needed an investigator for the spirits in her home, then asked us to leave.
  • Suspicious Person – Baker St -Complainant called in reference to a male subject riding in a truck. Negative contact.
  • Theft Report – Store House Ct -Victim advised he allowed suspect to use his address and let him inside his house. He is accusing the subject of stealing $2000 and other misc. items from his house while he was out of town gambling. Report taken.
  • Scam – MPD- Complainant came to make a report regarding a scam involving a credit management company. Report taken.
  • Narcotics – Great Oaks Dr- Anonymous complainant advised they smell marijuana in the area and requested extra patrol in the area.
  • Suspicious Person – Tall Oaks Ln- Complainant advised a suspicious male came to her and her neighbor’s door asking for a named female. The male then left a shirt on the hood of her car and left on foot. Subject was located in the area and arrested for an outstanding warrant from Dekalb County.
  • Suspicious person – N Broad / Perry Street – Reference report of elderly male getting beat up by multiple unknown suspects. Victim gone on arrival, no report of physical altercation occurring.
  • Search Warrant – New Lacy St; Roosevelt St.
  • No knock search warrants executed on residences. Two were charged with the following. Trafficking cocaine X2, PWID marijuana, PWID Schedule 1, PWID Schedule II, possession of firearm during crime, possession of drug related objects. Possession of Schedule IV and approximately half a kilo of cocaine. Approximately $18,000 U.S. currency seized.
  • Threats – Gatewood Dr. – In reference to female subject wanting to report harassing messages she received. Report taken, case number provided.
  • Warrant Service – Booth Dr- In reference to contact a named suspect. Negative contact was made, resident advice he moved several months back.
  • Civil issue – Maple St: In reference to a female attempting to retrieve her property at the residence. She could show no proof of residency and was explained the civil process.
  • Mental health patient – Harris St – Subject advising there were dead people in her couch and a man in her home. Turned over to EMS.
  • Follow up – Carwood Dr. In reference in attempting to make contact with a named subject. Residents stated that she is in Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation and does not live at that address.
  • Suspicious person – E Washington St & Milledge Ave: In reference to anonymous complainant advising a black male wearing blue jeans and a white shirt was looking through cars. Contact was made with the subject who advised he was walking from the Jack Peters store to his girlfriend’s. All appeared ok.
  • Suspicious person – S Broad St; John’s Supermarket: In reference to four juveniles on location out past curfew. Contact was made with the guardians and turned over to them.
  • Firearms – Felker Street and Mobley Circle – In reference to 5-6 shots heard in the area. Negative contact
  • Civil Issue – W Fambrough St. In reference to a female calling in reference to her husband taking their child to his mother’s residence. Civil remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Reed Way- In reference to a white Camaro in front of the home. Subject was identified and served with a Criminal Trespass from the location.

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