MPD Reports: Not a good idea to not display your tag if you have a warrant; mental health issues and domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 3 – 10, 2022. Due to the length this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Damage To Property – Walker Dr. In reference to a mailbox being hit over night. The complainant wanted a report to give to her landlord.
  • Damage to Property – Blaine St. In reference to the complainant stating her vehicle was hit by her neighbor back in January. The neighbor originally agreed to pay for the damages but has now started to ignore the complainants phone calls.
  • Agency Assist – Tanglewood Lane – In reference to assisting animal control with taking custody of two dogs. All ok.
  • Fraud – E Washington St. In reference to a B/F on location attempting to cash an unauthorized check. She was arrested for Forgery in the 4th degree, giving false name and date of birth, and a felony PV warrant out of Barrow Co. She was transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office jail without incident. Warrants taken.
  • Agency Assist – Horizon Ct: DFACS on scene requesting to speak with a mother regarding the possible abuse of her 6-year-old juvenile daughter. Contact was not made at the residence or via telephone.
  • Wanted Person – Alcovy Street in reference to a person who had a probation warrant. He was placed under arrest.
  • Dispute – Storehouse Ct; In reference to the complainant did not want her grandchildren to go with their mother because she just got into an argument with her boyfriend.
  • Other Law -Planet Fitness – Subject advised someone has been following him from Atlanta. He was unable to give a description of the person or vehicle. It appeared subject was suffering from a mental episode. Remedies advised and he was sent on his way.
  • Traffic stop -Harris St and Davis St – Subject was stopped for no tag displayed on his vehicle. He had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of the Sheriff’s Office. He was arrested and taken to Jail without issue.
  • Theft – Walton Truck Stop- The caller stated he sold a PS5 to an individual in Tanglewood. The money he was given was counterfeit. The caller stated he did not know the subject’s name or where he lived. Caller declined a report.
  • Traffic Stop -S. Madison @ Norris St.- Subject was stopped due to her having an active FTA warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody without incident.
  • Dispute – Green St.. – Verbal dispute. The situation was mediated, and parties were advised to stay away from one another that evening.
  • Dispute – Tanglewood Dr- Two parties got into a verbal altercation over “dumb stuff”. Parties were advised of remedies. No arrest was made due to no crime occurring.
  • Agency Assist – Horizon ct. DEFACS requested officer assistance, report taken by officer.
  • Threats – East Fambrough st Contact made with complainant, statement taken regarding her dogs and how her neighbor threatened to kill dog this morning. Contact made with neighbor. He had a warrant for Theft of property and was placed under arrest for the warrant and transported to WCSO jail.
  • Other Law – E Old Mill Point. Complainant advised a subject, stole three laundry baskets of her clothes, $1000 worth of jewelry, and a hoodie that had $125 in the pocket. Complainant advised that subject took everything in between 1400 Hours and 0600 Hours on Feb. 3rd and 4th. Both parties did previously live together.
  • Suspicious Person – Hwy 78 (Walton Truck Stop): In reference to a black male asking patrons for help. Contact was made with subject and was sent on his way.
  • Theft – E Spring St (Spring St Laundry): In reference to a black heavy-set male taking a wallet and removing $300.00 dollars. The had a possible active warrant and was uncooperative with the investigation. Report made for documented purposes.
  • Suspicious vehicle -S Broad St. Complainant advised a multi-color dodge ram almost hit them. Area check of S Broad and N broad and surrounding streets was conducted; negative contact made with vehicles.
  • Welfare Check – Glen Iris Dr: In reference to checking on the complainant’s mother. Mother was okay.
  • Dispute – Davis St. Complainant advised her uncle and nephew were disputing over past family arguments. The two where gone when officers arrived the complainant would not give officer their names. Advised that if they come back and things escalate to call police.

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