MPD Reports: Ongoing large fights after reports of a woman being ‘jumped’

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 13 – 20, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitution a conviction.

Dispute – East Spring Street -Manager disputing with a belligerent customer, customer was gone when officers arrived. 

Mental Patient – Ridgeview – on scene with 26-year-old who was causing a disturbance during her therapy session and hitting herself. Turned over to EMS for transport to Piedmont Walton. 

Theft Report – Frog Pawn – Complainant was gone upon officers’ arrival. 

Dispute – Glen Iris Dr. – In reference to subject having a dispute with his neighbor, over grass clippings on subject’s sidewalk. 

Dispute – East Washington Street at Synovus in reference to subject’s wallet being taken from her car by her boyfriend. 

Animal Complaint – Bridgeport Lane: In reference to a Pit bull and Rottweiler trying to bite subject while he was walking down the street. Turned over to Animal Control. 

Dispute – McDaniel Street: In reference to subject being on location and damaging property. Report taken. 

Traffic Stop/Arrest – Davis St/South Madison Ave -officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle, the passenger fled on foot and was apprehended after a brief foot chase. He was arrested on outstanding warrant from Walton County Sheriff’s Office and for obstruction. 

Harassment – S Madison Ave. – Complainant stated that his ex-girlfriend has been driving in front of his resident and sending threating messages to his wife, advised of civil remedies. 

Fight – Pine Park St. In reference to several people actively fighting in the street. Upon arrival over 75 people on Pine Park and Lacy St. Crowd dispersed. Complainant stated several girls jumped a subject, who was gone when officers arrived. Suspects were also gone when officers arrived.. 

Fight -Lacy St. In reference to earlier fight. This time a group of unknown assailants jumped a female subject. Several bystanders and combatants were exposed to OC spray. Suspects were gone when officers arrived and unknown to anyone on scene. 

Dispute – Forrest Ln – Daughter walked out of the home and mother wanted her back, juvenile sent back home. 

Assault – ClassicTrl. In reference to previous fights on Davis/Lacy. Subject was assaulted by two females while on her front porch. She stated she didn’t know them. Report taken. 

Dispute – N Broad St. – Hotel management wanted an occupant of their hotel gone, occupant asked to leave, occupant packed and left. 

Dispute – 6th St. Reference to two parties arguing over relationship status. Both parties denied any physical altercation. remedies advised. 

Dispute – Tanglewood Dr. In reference to dispute between three parties. Due to conflicting reports, and two parties both being gone when officers arrived, report taken. 

Assault – Davis St. Reference to reports that subject on location assaulting complainant over a previous drug deal. Subject was gone when officers arrived. Complainant did not wish to press charges. Report taken 

Suspicious Person -East Marable Street / Walton Road: In reference to a female pacing back and forth, Contact was made with the complainant who stated she knew her and had her family coming to get her. The female did not want to talk to us and walked on the sidewalk up the road. 

Theft – Tanglewood Dr. – In reference to complainant reporting that his Glock 17 was stolen two weeks ago. Report taken. 

Damage to Property – South Madison Avenue at A Rod’s: reference to a bullet hole through window. 

Theft – Maple St. – In reference to complainant reporting that subject stole $400 out of his wallet. Report taken. 

911 Hang up – E. Spring St. – In reference to a ex-employee verbal and physical altercation with other employees. Report taken. 

Dispute – Wheel house lane -Verbal dispute over car keys, parties advised of remedies, parties separated. 

Dispute – Launius Avenue: In reference to complainant getting into a verbal argument subject. subject GOA upon Law Enforcement arrival. Report taken. 

Traffic Stop -Green Street. A subject was placed under arrest for driving while unlicensed and too fast for conditions. 

Assault – Wheel House Lane: in reference to a subject assaulting another. She was arrested for disorderly conduct for the offense of Simple Assault. 

Shoplifting – Walmart- Subject was arrested and released on copy for shoplifting. 

Assault – Walmart -Unit arrived on scene for the shoplifting report and was approached by employees who stated a white male in a tie-dye t-shirt just punched another male subject. Contact made with the subject who was arrested for Battery and obstruction. 

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