MPD Reports: Overdose death; vehicle pursuit ends in wreck; snake in yard

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 7 – 14, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Gatewood Way: In reference to a dispute between two parties. All parties were gone when officers arrived. 
  • Burglary – West Creek Cir. in reference to the complainant’s window’s screen was broken by a subject  on 05/11/2020. He has an active warrant for his arrest for criminal trespass.
  • Follow up – Gatewood Way in reference from call 1. The complainant is back at the location and wanted to make a report.
  • Other Law – N. Broad St.; Church’s: In reference to a subject taking $40.00 from employee. Money was returned and the victim did not wish to pursue the charges. The subject was terminated from Church’s.
  • Fraud – Social Circle – Complainant bought a cell phone from an unknown female off of Facebook. The complainant described that the phone would not work properly. The complainant was told that because it happened outside the city limit of Monroe that we could not do anything about it. The Complainant was told to contact the Social Circle Police Department.
  • Lost item – E. Spring St. in reference to a subject who lost his license’s plate. The license plate was placed on GCIC.
  • Suspicious person – Wellington Dr. in reference to a white male subject walking around the complainant’s property. The subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Animal Problem – Oakwood Lane: In reference to a snake in the yard.
  • Shoplifting – N. Broad St – Golden Pantry in reference to a subject disputing with the staff over taking a slim jim. PThe subject was served a criminally trespass warning for one year.
  • Assault – E. Washington St. in reference to two employees fighting at the Post Office this morning
  • Shoplifting – West Spring St. Two subjects were placed under arrest. Both subjects were fingerprinted and released on a citation.
  • Fraud Report – Bankers Blvd Building I # 100 in reference to some unknown person hacked her accounts, report taken.
  • Mental Subject -Vine St.: In reference to a mental patient having an episode, transported by family to the hospital for a voluntary mental evaluation.
  • Shoplifting – W. Spring Street in reference to the subject under arrest, both subjects were fingerprinted and released on citation
  • Dispute – Sorrels St.: In reference to a subject on location refusing to leave. The subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Mental person – Breedlove Drive / Ridgeview. In reference to subject on location attempting to walk out into traffic. Family on location advised that subject was a mental threat. Subject transported to Walton Piedmont for evaluation. Turned over to Hospital staff for mental evaluation in leu of charges.
  • DOA – Shamrock Dr; Subject was found deceased in the residence by his mother after an apparent drug overdose. CID and Coroner responded to the scene.
  • Theft – Maple Ln. Caller advised that a group of kids stole her basketball goal and moved it. She had located it and requested that we make contact with the subjects and advised them not to take her things.
  • Fire Assist – Elm Dr. In reference to a residence on fire. Turned over to Monroe Fire on scene.
  • Dispute – Home Depot- Two subjects complaining of being harassed by one’s ex-boyfriend. This was a continuation of a case from Loganville. Both subjects were advised of the Temporary Protection Order process.
  • Vehicle Pursuit – N. Broad/ Valero. Reference to a silver Subaru stopped for failure to maintain lane. As officers approached vehicle, the driver fled in the direction of HWY 11 North. Pursuit continued onto John Deere Road. Vehicle lost control while attempting to make a right turn onto Walton Road. Driver fled on foot. WCSO K9 assisted with track ending in negative contact. Driver identified. Warrants taken.


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