MPD Reports: Patient attacks Ridgeview staff with metal handrail before fleeing; K9 rescued from unattended vehicle

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 7 – 14, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into six parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Mental Person – Breed Love Dr in reference to patient using a metal handrail against hospital staff, and fleeing the area with a signed 10-13 order. Warrant taken for aggravated assault. The subject was last seen carrying a metal pole and wearing hospital scrubs walking away from Ridgeview.

Entering Auto – Page St: Nothing was taken from complainants’ vehicle. The Complainant was advised to make sure her doors were locked in the future.

Entering Auto – Fleeting Way: Two warrants on the subject were taken for entering auto after he entered both of the complainants’ vehicles overnight. He is is currently a runaway from Ridgeview.

Suspicious Person – West Spring St (WalMart): in reference to subject being on location behind the store. Contact was made with the subject who is returning some items and is planning on leaving the location. All okay.

Dispute – Etten Ct: In reference to subject not allowing the complainant to leave the residence. Complainant was able to retrieve all his belongings and left the residence.

Entering Auto – Tall OaksComplainant reported her car being entered last night. Nothing taken from vehicle.

Illegal parking – E. Washington St. In reference to an illegally parked vehicle that was parked behind the complainant’s vehicle. The owner of the other vehicle was located and moved their vehicle.

Trespassing – S Broad St Lot 154: A subject was arrested for an outstanding probation violation warrant out of Clayton County following a nonviolent dispute call for service.

Drug Complaint – Tall Oaks Dr.- In reference to the complainant stating that their neighbor is smoking weed and can smell it in their apartment. Contact was made with the neighbor who was advised to stop smoking weed because there have been complaints.

Animal Complaint – GW Carver Dr. – In reference to a goat in the complainant’s yard. Upon officer arrival another neighbor advised he would wrangle the goat back into its pen.

Vehicle Lockout – Towler St. K9 left inside of vehicle not running with all windows up. All options were exhausted, with permission from owner and including applicable provisions of state law, officer forced entry into the vehicle to retrieve the k9.

Traffic Stop – Deer Acres – In reference to a subject being in possession of a stolen gun after a probable cause search of the car was conducted due to the odor of marijuana. The subject was taken into custody and taken to jail.

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