MPD Reports: Person arrived at hospital with gunshot wound to shoulder; woman wants boyfriend removed from home after finding infidelity evidence on his phone while he was asleep

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 24 – 31, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Property Damage – N. Broad St. – In reference to a vehicle being keyed. Victim declined to prosecute. Report taken.
  • Other Law – Piedmont Walton – In reference to a subject arriving at the hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.
  • Mental Patient – West Spring Street in reference to an eight year-old fighting the staff. The juvenile calmed down after he was given medication.
  • 911 Hang up – Plaza Trce: Woman was on scene claiming the neighbors stole her clothing. She was found to be a mental patient but her was found to have warrants and was arrested.
  • Traffic Stop – South Broad Street at 5th St in reference to a subject who was placed under arrest for driving while his license suspended.
  • Identity Theft – Armistead Circle: In reference to a facebook account being created. Subject reported that a possible named woman was threatening him and his wife through a facebook account. Nick believed it to be the woman but wasn’t completely sure. report taken.
  • Fight – N. Broad Street. In reference to a previous child dispute. A subject returned on scene and a physical altercation occurred between him and another named subject. Further investigation will be conducted when video footage is received. All parties separated upon arrival.
  • Dispute – Etten Court. In reference to complainant wanting her boyfriend to leave the residence. Complainant discovered evidence of infidelity on his phone while he was asleep. Parties were separated.
  • Theft – E. Marable St; In reference to lumber being stolen over the weekend.
  • Theft Report – Walker Drive: In reference to complainant reporting his car hauler trailer being stolen from his driveway during the night.
  • Scam – Etten Dr. In reference to complainant receiving a phone call from “medicare” she provided them with her member ID. She contacted Medicare afterwards and they advised it was a scam.
  • Suspicious Person – North Broad & Highway 78. In reference to subject standing on the bridge. Walton EMS spoke with her, and cleared. Subject given a ride back to her residence.
  • Traffic Stop – E Spring St at Hammond Dr. Vehicle was stopped for Hands free law. After investigation the driver was issued a citation for Hands free law and taken into custody for an outstanding warrant out of Elberton County. The subject was transported to Walton County jail without incident.
  • Dispute – West Fambrough St Complainant stated there was a civil issue over a lawnmower. Remedies advised and situation mediated.
  • Scam – Holly Hill Road. In reference to complainant receiving an email from Amazon for an item he did not order. The complainant was advised on how to hand the email. All okay.
  • Shoplifting – South Broad St (CVS) -Complainant stated she observed subject shoplifting cough medication. Complainant advised they did not want to press charges but have him served with a criminal trespass warning.
  • Identity Theft – Walton Dr; In reference to the complainant having her SS# stolen and used to open several credit cards accounts.
  • Mental Patient – Piedmont Walton -ER staff advised juvenile was physically violent and attempting to escape a signed 10-13 order. Subject was escorted back into the hospital and restrained prior to arrival. Juvenile complaint completed.

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