MPD Reports: Police called in on several large street parties; male subject sustains gunshot wound to his foot during a party

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period 12 – 19, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Juvenile Problem – Atha Street. In reference to a small child playing near the roadway. Negative contact.
  • Damage to Property – Walmart Distribution Center -In reference to a subject’s trailer having trash on top of it. He did not want to be responsible if it somehow fell off and hit someone’s car. Advised remedies.
  • Other Law – Blaine St -In reference to complainant not getting back juvenile’s belongings. Complainant gone when officers arrived.
  • Damage to Property – FISH. Complainant’s 2000 Ford Ranger damaged while in the store. Report taken.
  • Disturbed Peace – South Hammond Dr cleared due to call 8, Made contact with the complainant while clearing out the mass gathering of approximately 600 People. Comp advised subjects were driving through her yard.
  • Disturbed Peace – Russell Dr in reference to a large unapproved gathering, all in attendance were told to leave.
  • Disturbed Peace – Hickory Dr & East Marable St in reference to a large party called in on more than 500 people blocking all the roads. All streets were blocked by people attending the party, all were made to leave.
  • Missing Person – St. Ives Walk Cleared due to the complaint making contact with the missing person.
  • Dispute – Lacy St Dispute between female subject and male subject. Extended response time due to entire shift being tied up with large gatherings on Hickory and Hammond Park. Both parties stated all was ok that the resolved what issue they had.
  • Counterfeit – West Spring St. Cleared due to the call at Hickory and East Marable St. Store advised they would call back tomorrow.
  • Theft Report – West Spring St at Pizza hut in reference to a customer not paying for their pizza. Report Taken.
  • Gunshot Wound – West Spring St in reference to a male subject attending a party at Booth Dr. who was shot in the foot. Turned over to CID
  • Dispute – North Broad St. in reference to a drunk customer grabbing a waitress. A report was taken by request unknown who the male was.
  • Other Law – North Broad St. Jays Wrecker requested information in reference to private property tow. Remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Vehicle/Person – Named was located asleep in a vehicle in Matthews Park after hours. Vehicle was searched due to lose marijuana shake around the gear shifter and cup holder. Hillman was arrested due to a warrant through MPD for a probation violation. He was transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office without incident.
  • Disturbed Peace – Cloverdale Dr in reference to a loud party. Spoke to the homeowner, he agreed to turn the music off, all ok.
  • Dispute – Cloverdale Dt in reference to a previous call, third party caller stating that people were yelling and possible dispute. On arrival, people were leaving, homeowner stated that all was ok.
  • Fight – Birch St. Multiple callers stated several people fighting in the street. Upon arrival evidence of a fight was observed, but no parties involved were on location.
  • Suspicious Person – W Spring St – Employee called in reference to a male customer causing a disturbance. Situation mediated.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring St -Employee called requesting a supervisor in reference to assisting her identity and file a complaint on a Piedmont Walton employee involved in call #1. Subject was not an employee of Piedmont Walton.
  • Assault Report Classic Trl -In reference to a female subject being assaulted last date. She agreed to go to the hospital by EMS. She did not want to press charges.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Highway 11 South. In reference to a gold SUV speeding, and unable to maintain lane.
  • Suspicious Person – Breedlove Dr and McDaniel St- In reference to white male, brown hair, blue shirt and jeans in roadway not moving for cars. Area checked with no contact.
  • EMS Assist – Forest Lane – Subject was having symptoms of withdrawal. Consented to going to the hospital by EMS.

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