MPD Reports: Police called when drive-thru customer objected to minis not in heart shaped box on Valentine’s Day

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 8 – 14, 2019. Due to the length, this report is split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft Report, West Spring St., the complainant on the scene advising her purse went missing after she forgot it at the Burger King drink machine. The manager on duty advised he will call back in reference to camera access.
  • Dispute, Plaza Trace Apartments, mother requesting information about her son, reference to him associating with the “wrong crowd.” Situation remedied, no dispute at this time.
  • Fraud, Towler St., the complainant advised she went to Verizon to get a phone.  While at the store she was advised that she had an outstanding bill with Sprint.  It was showing the number was associated with someone in Commerce.  She stated she did not have a line open nor was she behind on payments.  Verizon told her she needed to make a report so they could look into it.  Report taken
  • Assault, Wheel House Ln., the mother stated that her 9-year-old son was hit by another child. Requested a report but did not want to press charges.
  • Threats, Title Max, the complainant approached officers and advised an employee at Title Max threatened him. Documentation report completed.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., White male and female on scene possibly armed. Negative contact, extra patrol for the remainder.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., reference to a female subject in the parking lot wrapped in a blanket. She was transported to Sunshine Laundry to wait for FISH to open.
  • Animal complaint, Landers St., Caller stated that their dog was hit by a passing car. The owner wanted a report but upon arrival, the owner was leaving to take the dog to the vet.
  • Dispute, East Tall Oaks Dr., mother and her daughter were disputing over moving furniture and a continuation of the argument from earlier this date. Parties separated. The supplemental report added.
  • Dispute, South Madison St., reference to subjects arguing in the parking area.  Upon Officers arrival contact was made with the parties.  It was determined that two named subjects were in a verbal argument.  Parties separated for the night.  All ok.
  • Warrant Service, 4th St., Christopher Pittman and Mario Brooks arrested for local Walton County Sheriff’s Office probation violation warrants. Report taken.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., a subject on scene leaving with an unknown dollar amount cart of merchandise. Warrant to be taken pending loss prevention determining the amount.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Arnold Properties manager on the scene. Conducting surveillance in reference to previous arson threats. All ok.
  • Dispute, South Broad St at 5th St. Passerby stated that a male and female were in a dispute and the female was on the ground. Made contact with two subjects. One subject was intoxicated and another subject was tired of her so he was walking away. No dispute no altercation all ok both were advised to go back inside.
  • Welfare Check, Hwy 138, (Chick-fil-a) Complainant stated that a customer in drive-thru was arguing about Chicken minis not being in a heart shape. Subject gone when officer arrival.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138, reference to the driver possibly carrying a gun. Negative contact, County notified.
  • Theft report, Lobby call, the complainant reported someone using his debit card while he was incarcerated.
  • Meet With, South Broad St., Wal-Greens, met with the complainant. She stated she dropped off a prescription. When she went back to pick up the prescription. Wal-Greens advised her that someone had already picked up the prescription. She wanted a report. Report Taken.
  • Meet with complainant Bold Springs Ave., N. Midland Ave. Complainant reported being followed by a white male in a red Chevy tracker as she’s out exercising. Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Suicide Threats, East Church St., complainant advised that one of the patients was talking about hurting herself. Patient advised she did not want to harm herself or want medical attention. The patient is diagnosed with schizophrenia. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, MLKJR Blvd. (Tractor Supply) Complainant wants the male subject caring a guitar wearing red shirt, camo pants to leave. Made contact with a named male subject and he was advised to leave. All ok.
  • Warrant Service, Alcovy St., Matthew Mccurdy arrested for parole violation warrants. Matthew was found to be in possession of $160 worth of counterfeit $20 bills.
  • EMS Assist, CVS, South Bd., complainant on location with her grandson. Grandson had taken some kind of drug and did not feel good. He was turned over to EMS and transported.
  • Dispute, Hot Spot, officers spoke to the clerk who stated the male who was causing a disturbance had left the premises.  She stated he was upset about not getting paid from a gaming machine in the establishment.  She advised all was ok.

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