MPD Reports: Property recovered in restaurant men’s room from recent entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 12 – 19, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. Huddle House- in reference to a 18-19-year-old male who came into the store with five bags. Bags were found dumped open in men’s restroom. Property belonging toa residence on Pine Circle was recovered. Upon arrival on Pine Cirle, it was discovered to be an entering auto. Property was recovered not belonging to Pine Circle. Unknown additional victims at this time. Report Taken. 
  • Gunshots – West Creek Circle. Area checked. Negative contact
  • Dispute – W. Spring St. – In reference to subject not leaving Piedmont Walton after being released. Subject gone when police arrived.
  • Entering Auto – Pinecrest Dr.: Complainant Stated that he had three of his vehicles gone through overnight. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. – In reference to a subject on site asking to be taken to jail. No charges at this time. Subject wanted to go to Probation to get drug tested and violate his probation. Transported to Probation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Overlook Crest – In reference to a vehicle which turned around in complainant’s driveway early this morning. All OK.
  • Entering Auto – Pine Circle: Complainant left for work. Will call when she gets home from work.
  • Damage to Property – Walker Dr. – In reference to neighbors driving through complainant’s Yard. Spoke with a neighbor who did not know who had driven through. Could not prove who drive through the yard. Advised on options.
  • Follow Up – S. Broad St.: Complainant wanted to add another item that was discovered to be missing in reference to report made earlier.
  • Identity Theft – Plaza Dr. Complainant had a questionable charge on his credit card account. He is having an on-going issue with the credit card company. He wanted this incident to be documented. Report taken.
  • Mislead Property – W. Marable St. – In reference to complainant leaving medical paperwork at Piedmont Walton and unable to get it. Paperwork delivered.
  • Juvenile Issue – Davis St. and Bell St.. in reference to a juvenile caller reporting that his mother hit him. He disconnected the phone and an area search was conducted with no contact.
  • Entering Auto Pine Circle in reference to a vehicle that was entered last date but not reported due the to caller having to go to work. Report made.
  • Meet With Officer) Tractor Supply Co. Complainant stated her step son had left the hospital prior to being seen by a doctor. She requested units patrol the area. BOLO given to surrounding agencies.
  • Found Property – Pine Crest Dr./McDaniel St. Officer observed a book bag on the side of the road. I school ID belonging to a subject was located in the book bag. Dispatch was able to make contact with the subject and it was determined that it was taken from his vehicle at Ridge Road between 1900 and 0100 hours. Report Taken
  • Entering Autos – Ridge Rd. Due to the previous call Officer patrolled the area on foot and found multiple vehicles that had been entered. Officer made contact with the registered owners. Subject advised that a High Point 9mm had been taken from his truck once he was advised of the situation. He did not have a serial number for the pistol at the time of the incident. Report Taken
  • Found Property – Ridge Rd in reference to a book bag located in the bushes next to a residence. The bag was taken out of a vehicle earlier this morning during entering auto and returned to the owner. Supplemental added.
  • Fraud – Colquitt St. Complainant believes his nephew is taking money from his mother. Report taken.
  • Burglary in Progress – Custom Way in reference to a male making an entry with a knife. Officers made contact with the subject. He was arrested for a warrant out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. He had permission to be on location.
  • Entering Auto – MPD in reference to a man having his S&W 40 Hi Point JCP stolen out of his vehicle at Carwood Dr. Firearm was listed onto GCIC.
  • Fraud – S. Madison Ave. – WCSO. Complainant wanted advice in regards to subject spreading rumors. Remedies were advised.
  • Entering Auto – Glen Iris Dr. – Complainant advised that a white male approached her vehicle at approximately 12:27am 09/17/19. The subject was seen on video. No items were taken due to the vehicle being locked.
  • Dispute – Knight St. – Complainant stated she called the police to state she was tired of the police always being called out to her residence.
  • Dispute – Alcovy St. – Civil issue between ex-roommates. Remedies given.
  • Entering Auto – Plaza Trace – Complainant stated puppy pads and a dog bed were taken from her unlocked Ford Escape.
  • Entering Auto – Plaza Trace – Complainant stated her unlocked Chevrolet Tahoe was rummaged through, but nothing taken.
  • Theft – Ridge Rd. – In reference to a stolen license plate. Complainant advised that during the late-night hours of 09/17/19 his license plate was stolen off his vehicle (Ga tag: RSY8824) no other property was taken.
  • Dispute – Breedlove Dr.; Ridgeview – Two subjects got into a verbal dispute about one of them needing mental health treatment. The one subject was given a courtesy ride to the hospital.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Madison Ave.; Felker Park – Individuals in park after hours were told to leave and did.
  • Suspicious Person – Broad Street; – Officer observed subjects in a yard. Once the Officer attempted to make contact with the subjects they ran towards the wood. While looking for the subjects the Officer observed two bicycles in the yard that were being painted. It was found during the investigation that the bikes were stolen from other Lots in South Side. A suspect came to the location and had paint on his shoes and pants. He was charged with burglary and theft by taking. He was transported to Rockdale Youth Detention Center.
  • Dispute – Green Street – Subject issued a Criminal Trespass Warning to stay off this property.
  • Suspicious Person – Baker St./E. Spring St. Subject was observed walking in the area with a backpack. He gave consent for his belongings to be searched. Nothing was found in his belongings to believe he had committed any crimes.


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