MPD Reports: Request to put down fawn with broken legs unnecessary when fawn walks away

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 27 – July 3, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Juvenile Complaint – W. Spring St. – In reference to questions on child discipline.
  • Agency Assist – Landers St.:  Reference to Animal Control wanting an officer to stand by while he retrieved a dog from the earlier S. Madison call. All ok.
  • Harassment – MPD – In reference to sexually explicit video of complainant posted on Snapchat.
  • Animal Complaint – W. Spring St. (SCI Roofing): complainant stated that a fawn deer had broken legs and needed to be put down. Upon arrival, the fawn got up and left. All 10-4
  • Dispute – Spruce Lane – In reference to getting property from the previous residence. All parties advised on options and made plans to get items next Sunday.
  • Shoplifting – W. Spring St. (Wal-Mart): Kemonicas Bulter and Keyonna Floyd arrested for shoplifting.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Pine Park St.:  Complainant said the juveniles next door were shooting water guns at their windows then said they were outside and one of the juveniles shot a water gun at his mom.  The complainant said they also threatened to hit her.  The complainant said they just want to be left alone.  Spoke to the mom of the juveniles and advised what happened and that complainant just wants the juveniles to leave them alone. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Walmart; Subjects on location disputing with Taylor’s wrecker service after Walmart called for the vehicle driven by earlier shoplifting suspects to be towed. Vehicle owner paid for the vehicle to be released by Taylors.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Towler St.  Complainant stated that someone stole his vehicle between 1700 and 2330 hours.  During the course of the investigation, it was determined that his roommate was the one who took the vehicle.  Complainant advised he did not wish to press charges.  Report Taken.
  • Dispute – Piedmont Walton in reference to a mental patient being combative.  Upon the officers’ arrival subject was not combative.  Medical staff asked that officers stand by while they had him change his clothes and they administered medicine.  All ok.
  • Unknown Law – Pine Park St.; Complainant reported unknown persons (possibly juvenile neighbors) took boards from in front of his residence and threw them in the woods. Extra patrol requested.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Tall Oaks W.  Dequisha Brown stated that her 2014 Ford Fusion was taken from her residence after 2330 hours. During the investigation, it was apparent Ms. Brown was intoxicated and her story kept changing.  Officers patrolled the area of Green Acres due to the story given by Ms. Brown.  The vehicle was located on Parker Dr. wrecked and in a yard.  Ms. Brown confessed that she did, in fact, wreck the vehicle and it was not stolen. Walton County worked the wreck and placed Ms. Brown under arrest.  A warrant was also taken for false report of a crime.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Birch St. in reference to a missing person returning home. Officer made contact with juvenile. He was removed from GCIC by Walton Dispatch. A supplemental was added to the original report.
  • Warrant Served – Barrow Park D. – Barrow County Jail in reference to Willie Witt being on location with a warrant out of the City of Monroe. Willie Witt was placed under arrest and was transported to the Monroe Police Department to be fingerprinted. He was then transported to the Walton County Jail and turned over to the jail staff without incident. Report taken.
  • Juvenile Complaint – W. Spring St. – SCI Roofing in reference to a 12-year-old running away from her caregiver. Juvenile is a mental patient with Elk’s in Conyers and was given back to her caregiver.
  • Juvenile Complaint – W. Spring St. – SCI Roofing in reference to 12-year-old juvenile running back through traffic and returning back on location. The juvenile was transported to Piedmont Walton and DFCS advised they would pick her up.
  • Harassment – at MPD in reference to complainant stating his ex-girlfriend has been contacting his job trying to harass him and threatening his fiancé. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Breedlove Drive. Made contact with the complainant who advised vehicle had been left on location for two-weeks. Contacted registered owner who stated she sold the vehicle three months ago to “Cash for Cars.”
  • Dispute – Old Mill Point in reference to a dispute over a bike pump. The situation was a misunderstanding and was mediated. All ok.
  • Area Check – N. Broad St. – Waffle House in reference to complainant wanting an officer to check the area for her husband’s work truck. Husband drives a white 2018 Dodge 2500 with the company name UTEC on the side. He was last seen at 0515 – 0530 hours this date at their home in Oxford. The company GPS showed the truck on location at the N. Broad Waffle House in Monroe at 1030 – 1045 this morning. An area check was conducted with negative contact. The complainant stated her husband suffers from Bi-Polar disorder and has a history of being suicidal. The husband was last seen wearing blue jeans, brown work boots and a gray UTEC t – shirt with a lager lightning bolt logo on the back and a small logo on the front. Husbands parents live on Cedar Ridge Rd. The complainant stated she went to his parents today and stated they have not seen him. The complainant stated she was filing a report with Oxford PD.


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