MPD Reports: Response after COVID-19 positive man vomits on steps of the library

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 25 – July 2, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Discharging firearms – Baker St. Workers at cabinet shop on Hubbard St. advised fireworks coming from Hammond Park. Vehicle located hidden at end of Hammond Park with a subject who had a warrant out of Stone Mtn. Stone Mtn did not want to hold due to COVID, all ok. 

Suspicious person – W. Spring St., Haven Inn. The subject was on location and he did not have a room. Per the manager’s request, he was criminally trespassed and left the location. 

Welfare check – W. Spring St., Monroe Public Library. Subject (COVID positive) vomiting on the steps. MFD conducted washdown. Subject sent on his way, all ok. 

Mental Patient – S. Madison Ave. Contact made with subject and family. Remedies advised, all ok. 

Burglary Attempt – Walker Dr. Complainant advised she came back to her residence and observed her front door forced open. Complainant advised nothing was observed missing. Report taken. 

Civil Dispute – Towler St. In reference to landlord kicking complainant out of residence. Situation mediated, all ok. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Davis St. and Lacy St. Juvenile on a dirt bike riding up and down the street. Contact made in the area, subjects advised to stay off roadway. All ok. 

Harassment – S. Madison Ave. – in reference to next door neighbor harassing complainant. Ongoing dispute between neighbors in reference to various civil issues. Remedies advised and strongly urged. All ok. 

Firearms – in the area of Davis St, in reference to shots heard. Area checked, negative contact. All ok. 

Dispute – Michael Cir. A physical altercation between two subjects. One was arrested for simple battery family violence. Warrant was taken

Juvenile Complaint – Red Oak Ct, in reference to 16-year-old male refusing to go to bed. Situation mediated and remedies advised. 

Domestic Dispute – W. Creek Cir, in reference to complainant’s daughter’s boyfriend causing a scene. Contact made with subjects, verbal dispute only. Situation mediated. All ok. 

Disturbing the peace – Radford St. at Norris St. House on the corner possibly doing construction since 0230 hours. All ok. 

Theft report – Glen Iris Dr. in reference to theft of a trailer tag T70361.The license plate was placed on GCIC. 

Harassment – Jessica Way in reference to complainants’ two daughters being called names on social media from classmates. Report documented. 

Counterfeit – S. Broad St. (Wells Fargo) in reference to customer complaint. Advised to handle through cooperate. 

Theft – S. Broad St. (CVS) in reference to a female and male subject stealing $104.59 worth of merchandise and left in a silver Yukon. 

Juvenile problem – S. Broad St. (MPD) in reference to 17-year-old running away from his residence in Eatonton and being in the area of Botswick. Morgan County Sheriff’s Office was advised. 

Fraud – Complainant stated that a subject took her to the bank earlier today and is now accusing him of taking her money. The complainant was told how to apply for a warrant; no contact was made with the subject. 

Shoplifting – Wal-Mart. Female on location was cited for shoplifting and released on a copy of the citation 

Dispute – Complainant was seen by EMS and refused transport to hospital. Spoke with complainant and she stated that her daughter pushed the front door open and knocked her down. 

Agency Assist – Georgia State Police requested another officer to help with a vehicle search. UGSP unit was located at Chriswell and Pleasant Valley; Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified. 

Dispute – Piedmont Walton. Reference to a mental evaluation patient becoming combative with hospital staff. Patient calm and cooperative upon arrival 

Damage to Property – Amber Tr- in reference to damages received to a vehicle from a dog. The complaint’s wife stated that he was not home when I arrived. The complainant was gone when the officer arrived 

Dispute – Piedmont Walton. Male on location wanted to leave after he was advised he was under a mental evaluation. He was advised that he could not and returned to his room. 

Juvenile Complaint – Etten Dr. – In reference to two juveniles riding a go-kart and a motor vehicle. Made contact with the two juveniles and told them to stay off of the road. 

Custody Dispute – S. Madison Ave. Complainant and his mother having issues with his child’s mother. Upon investigation, DFCS confirmed he was allowed to have custody pending results of ongoing DFCS investigation. 

Fight – W. Spring St. – In reference to a fight, when officers arrived, workers at McDonald’s stated that it was verbal only and that the other party had left. 

Domestic Dispute – HWY 11 Waffle House. Reference to a female subject involved in Domestic Dispute at Jefferson Dr. Officer remained on location until County Deputy arrived. Turned over to WCSO. 

Agency Assist – HWY 11 Waffle House. WCSO request unit to stand by with complainant involved in Domestic Dispute in County. 

911 Hang-up – E. Fambrough St. Complainant and his girlfriend agreed to separate for the evening. 

Dispute – W. Creek Cir & Ash St. Complainant stated she was assaulted by the subject during an argument earlier in the evening at a party. The subject was gone when officers arrived and there were no independent witnesses. Remedies advised. 

Warrant Service – Rose Ison. Warrants served on a subject. He was taken into custody without incident and transported to Walton County Jail. 

Suspicious Person – Harry’s Marathon. Reference a short blonde female driving through the parking lot erratically. The subject was gone when officers arrived. 

Stolen Property – Walton Truck Stop. Complainant stated that her phone was stolen from the truck stop earlier in the evening, and was pinging to the same location. She found the phone in the parking lot prior to officer arrival. 

Warrant Service – Ash St. Warrant service attempt for a subject. A consent search of the residence was negative. 

Warrant Service – Davis St. & Pine Park Warrant service attempt for a subject. Negative contact. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Colquitt St. & Cherokee Ave. In reference to a vehicle partial on the shoulder and partially in a yard. The vehicle was unoccupied and locked. 

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