MPD Reports: Ridgeview patient breaks off chair legs and threatens staff and patients; woman scammed out of $65,000 by subjects claiming to be Shanghai police officers

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 7 – 14, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Baron Dr- Verbal dispute between pizza delivery driver and customer. Remedies advised; parties were separated.
  • Domestic – S. Broad St. – physical domestic dispute between a male and a female subject. From testimonial evidence and physical evidence, the male was found to be the predominant aggressor, the female was gone when officers arrived and warrants were taken for the male’s arrest for Battery FVA times 2 and cruelty to children time two.
  • Dispute – Carver Pl; In reference to dispatch advising they could hear arguing on the phone. Negative contact was made. Unfounded.
  • Disorderly Conduct – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview- Male subject was released from Ridgeview. However, he broke off two wooden chair legs and was threatening to hit staff and other patients. Contact was made with him still holding the chair legs and acting irate. He was taken into custody for Disorderly Conduct and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 78E/Unisia Dr- traffic stop in reference to reckless driving. Driver was arrested and released on citation.
  • Dispute – Green St – In reference to a male and female having a verbal dispute. The male has a South Carolina warrant for instate pickup only and was released from being detained. All ok.
  • Mental Person – Baker St- In reference to a female subject thinking a blanket on her recliner was a dog that kept peeing on her floor. I explained to her that her blanket was not a dog and she requested I leave.
  • Warrant Service – Towler St; In reference to a female subject having a FTA warrant. She was located at her residence, taken into custody and transferred to the WCSO without incident.
  • Agency Assist – Stonecreek Bend – In reference to assisting Winder PD with a hit and run that occurred 8 December 2023. Suspect vehicle located, pictures taken, and registered owner advised to contact Winder PD. All OK on location.
  • Domestic Dispute – E Spring Street, Monroe Motor Inn- In reference to a dispute between Mother and Daughter. Parties were separated and remedies advised. All OK on location.
  • Scam – Ridge Rd. – Female subject was contacted by subjects who told her they were Shanghai police officers, these subjects ultimately scammed Li out of $65,000. Report taken and forwarded to CID.
  • Fraud – G.W Carver Dr. – Female subject called in reference to her trying to buy something from instagram last date and her phone being hacked after. Report taken.
  • Civil issue – West Spring St.- Female subject inquiring about getting money out of the personal effects of a male subject being kept by the hospital. She was advised that hospital policy did not violate state criminal law.
  • Juvenile Complaint – W. Spring St.- Male juvenile ran away from his mother in the area of W. Spring St. and W. Highland Ave. He was located and turned over to his mother without issue.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Walker Dr. White vehicle parked in driveway – complainant stated that she does not know the person, the subject on site stated that she was there to talk to her friend and that the vehicle setting in the front yard was hers and the friend was working on it for her. The complainant was the girlfriend of the male subject that lives at the residence. Subject on location left.
  • Suspicious Person – Chevron/ East Church – In reference to two male subjects loitering. Negative contact made with one subject, the other subject was identified and removed from the property.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 138 @ Walmart – Stop vehicle for tag light violation driver was driving in violation of CP license vehicle inventoried and released to Taylor Wrecker Service. The driver was released on citation from scene.
  • Agency Assist -in reference to responding to GSP in Conyers after a T80 with a subject wanted for Felony Fleeing after a shot fired call. A Track was started at Bridgestone Cir. in and the subject tracked to CornerStone Pass where the subject was apprehended hiding in a backyard.
  • Traffic Stop – in reference to a male subject being stopped for FTML. He was arrested for DUI Less Safe.
  • Disturbing Peace – Maple Lane – In reference to residents being loud. Subjects were warned of noise ordinances and removed vehicles blocking the roadway, all ok.

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