MPD Reports: Rowdy couple at wrestling match and slew of domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 30 to Feb. 6, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft report – Tanglewood Dr. Complainant advised subject busted in her back door and stole approximately 4-5 Nike air max’s. Report Made. 
  • Animal complaint – 3rd St. Two loose pit bull dogs taken to WCAC shelter, all ok.
  • Unknown problem – McDaniel St. Dispatch advised of 911 only phone with juvenile screaming for help, pin mapped near this address. Negative contact at residence, area searched with negative contact.
  • Welfare Check – Reed St. In reference to Adult Protective Services wanting a check conducted on a subject. Her son advised that she is currently living at Chestnut Lane. Officers made contact with the subject. She advised that she was ok and was in possession of her drivers’ license, SS card and clothing. She stated she lost her debit card and was advised it needed to be reported to the bank. Report taken. A follow up will be conducted at Wells Fargo on Monday.
  • Dispute – Community Ct. Male and female were getting a little rowdy at the wrestling match. The couple was advised to simmer down by staff on location. All ok.
  • Suicide Threats / Fight – Norris St. In reference to a complainant and a subject involved in an active fight. The complainant was on location with the subject due to the subject being suicidal. Complainant advised the two are best friends and work together. He stated that the subject’s wife had recently left him and advised that the subject has made statements about ending his life. The complainant stated he was on location trying to convince the subject to go to the hospital for an evaluation and stated that the subject refused. The complainant stated that he and the subject got into a physical altercation when he attempted to escort him to his vehicle to take him to the hospital. The subject was turned over to EMS and transported to Piedmont Walton for a mental evaluation. All ok.
  • Dispute – Felker Park. Complainant advised he was at a party in Monroe Estates when a group of subjects attempted to fight him. He separated himself from the situation. All ok
  • Dispute – New Lacy St. In reference to two subjects having a verbal dispute about their relationship. Remedies advised. Report taken.
  • Welfare Check – Highway 78., Walton Truck Stop. In reference to 15-year-old coming into the business and advising the staff she had driven from Oconee County and stated that she was lost. Juvenile was staying at a friend’s residence and took her friend’s vehicle to go to the store. She stated she got lost and ended up at the truck stop. Oconee County was advised and located the owner of the vehicle as well as the subject’s parents. The vehicle was turned over to the owner and the juvenile turned over to her parents.
  • Dispute – Hubbard St. – Complainant stated he was having a verbal confrontation with his cousins. The complainant and his cousins were separated. The complainant advised he was good and went home. All was ok.
  • Assault – Piedmont Walton – Subject advised ER staff she was assaulted at the Monroe Motor Inn. The subject refused a report and said she was fine. The subject was given a case card in case she wanted to file a report.
  • Firearms – Pine Park St. In reference to the complainant hearing 10 shots fired in the area. An area check was conducted with negative contact of anyone in the area shooting. An ARS stop was conducted on a vehicle seen leaving the area. A black male subject was observed running from a residence on West Creek Cir. and jumping into a parked vehicle. The driver and passenger were ID. All ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle) at 809 Fawnfield Drive. Ref to vehicle blocking driveway. The vehicle moved, all ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle) at 500 Breedlove Dr., First United Presbyterian Church. Contact made with church member leaving, all ok.
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave., Felker Park. Complainant advised that several juveniles were damaging property, Contact was made with the suspect’s mother and she was advised to keep her children from damaging the property. The soccer goal was not damaged but laying over on its side. All okay.
  • Dispute – W. Marable St. Reference to a dispute between two parties. These two were separated. report taken.
  • Theft Report – S. Broad St. Complainant reported his neighbors had an extension cord plugged into his trailer. Neighbors not home, report taken.
  • Mental Patient – Tanglewood Dr- Subject was threatening to kill her daughter. The subject was transported to Piedmont Walton for a mental evaluation.

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