MPD Reports: Separate domestic dispute damage incidents, including slashed tires and punched TV

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 26 – Dec. 3, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Pine Park St. Two subjects involved in a physical dispute. No primary aggressor could be determined. Report taken. 

Burglary report – Wheel Hours Ln. Called in by neighborhood maintenance. The residents was vacant and there was no signs that it had been burglarized. 

Dispute – Old Mill Pt. In reference to the complainant in a Ford Taurus followed by a black Honda Accord. Complainant advised that the driver of the black Honda accused them of entering their vehicle and is now gone. Complainant advised that they are no longer requesting police assistance prior to officer arrival. 

Dispute – Classic Tr. In reference to the complainant in a black Honda who was followed by gray Pontiac with a male driver. Subject is a complainant’s ex. Complainant advised that male is no longer on location. It was determined during the investigation that the subject flattened two tires on the complainants’ father’s vehicle by stabbing them with a knife. He was taken into custody for criminal trespass. 

Dispute -. Washington. Complainant stated that her children’s father forced his way into the residence causing damage to the front door. He then punched the television and broke it. Officer observed damage. The subject was gone when officers arrived. Warrant taken on the subject for criminal trespass family violence. 

Civil Issue – Lacy Street. In reference to a civil dispute between the complainant and their daughter over retrieving a purse. 

Suspicious Person – Tanglewood Dr In reference to the complainant stating that a female outside the residence will not leave and is trying to get inside. Complainant advised that the female left in a light blue SUV. Female was gone when officers arrived and the complainant advised no damage was caused. The complainant was advised of the Temporary Protection Order process. 

Intoxicated Driver – S Madison Ave. In reference to the complainant stating that her husband is intoxicated and in a gray Ford F250 leaving the residence. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Theft report – Spruce Ln. Subject reports missing packages from 23 Nov 2020. She advised a package had not been delivered to her residence after being notified that it had. Report taken due to possible theft. 

Animal Complaint – East 5th St. Animal issue was turned over to AC. The animal owner was arrested for multiple warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. 

Scam – Woodland Rd. Complainant advised scam numbers from Amazon keep caller her. She was advised of options. 

Civil Issue – Ridge Rd. Complainant reported subject harassing her. Complainant has allowed subject to live on location for the past month and was advised of the eviction process. 

Theft report – South Madison Ave., Cotton Mill Antiques. Complainant reports jewelry taken from his display box. Report taken. 

EMS assist – Tall Oaks West. Ref to a 26-year-old female in labor, Turned over to EMS, all ok. 

Harassment – Complainant reported his neighbor calling the police on him 3 times in the past 2 months for an odor of Marijuana coming from his apartment. 

Found property – East Washington St. USPS. Ref to a car title. Title was taken to address on title and was advised by the homeowner, that person did not live there. 

Fraud – Legends Dr. Ref to receiving a toll charge from the state of Florida. Advised to go to tag office as well as civil options. Report taken for documentation. 

Burglary Report – Cedar Ln. Homeowner came home and observed his front door open. Residence was cleared by officers. No force entry observed. Homeowner advised all appears ok, and nothing appears missing. Report taken per complainants’ request. 

Juvenile Problem – Gatewood Drive. Complainant advised there was a juvenile visiting her daughter that stated she had nowhere to sleep tonight. The juvenile left the location and was walking toward East Marable Street. Officer made contact with juvenile at East Marable and Roosevelt Street. Juvenile stated that she was fine, and was in route to her residence at Colquitt Street where she resides with her step-father. Juvenile was transported to her residence without incident. 

Traffic Stop – N Broad St at Sorrells St. In reference to a White Nissan Sentra stopped for failure to stop at a stoplight. Further investigation led to the arrest of a subject for active warrants out of WCSO. Driver released with no charges. 

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