MPD Reports: Sexual assault reported after unconscious female was taken to the ER

The City of Monroe Police Department reports the following incidents for the period Sept. 10 – 17, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. this is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St. BB&T. In reference to several subjects attempting to manipulate the ATM. Upon arrival, made contact with the vehicle and complainant. Complainant stated she attempted to make a cash deposit in the ATM, and it malfunctioned but kept her money. Report taken for the incident with the malfunction. 

Disturbing the Peace – Amber Tr. In reference to several vehicles on location blocking the road and playing loud music. No loud music was being played upon arrival and vehicles were parked on both sides of the roadway with still enough roadway to travel between the vehicles. 

Other Law – Amber Tr. In reference to large party and complainant cannot get out of their driveway. The party is at Amber Tr. Complainant was able to get out of her driveway upon arrival. All ok. 

Suspicious Vehicle – E Church St at S Broad St. In reference to a white truck partially in the roadway. Vehicle was obstructing S Broad St. Vehicle was towed by Jay’s and logged as abandoned. Report taken 

Dispute – Arcadia Ct. In reference to son and nephew fighting. Nephew was not at the residence upon arrival. Complainant advised that everything was ok at this time. All parties separated without incident. 

Dispute – Masters Dr. – Complainant called in reference to her ex being on location intoxicated. She asked that he be served with a criminal trespass warning. Subject was served with a criminal trespass warning and picked up by a family member. 

Animal complaint – West 5th St. Homeowner was advised dog could not be in kennel without shelter. Dog was moved inside. 

Other Law – Breedlove Dr. Ridgeview Mental Health. Complainant reported Ridgeview would not release her daughter. Staff on location advised daughter was in the process of being released. 

Sexual assault – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Mother brought her unconscious daughter to the ER after picking her up from a vehicle on Green St. CID notified and responded. 

Dispute – North Broad St., Deer Acers Inn. Walton County Sheriff’s Office on scene with complainant from earlier call. Complainant reported an unknown person taking the keys from his vehicle that was running with the windows down. 

Dispute – Davis St. Verbal argument between repossession man and owners of vehicle. Upon officers’ arrival all parties advised it was ok and they did not need law enforcement. 

Gunshot Wound – Breedlove Dr. Ridgeview. In reference to 44-year-old male in the hallway. Staff advised that it was phone time for the patients. A patient contacted the police and advised that they had shot the maintenance worker, however the maintenance worker does not work on the weekends. All patients and staff in the facility were ok. 

Dispute – E Spring St. Dollar General. In reference to subject, who hit the complainant with laundry detergent. Subject was arrested for simple assault, and violation of family violence order. (1) female juvenile was charged with simple battery. (1) male juvenile was charged with battery. Warrants taken; juvenile compliant form submitted. 

Armed Subject – E Spring St. Monroe Motor Inn. – Complainant stated a male was pointing a gun at subjects in the parking lot of Monroe Motor Inn. It was determined during the course of the investigation that the named subject had committed the act of aggravated assault. He was taken into custody on this charge. 

Dispute -Davis St. In reference to the complainant’s wife who took their vehicle and phone. Complainant had possession of her vehicle and cell phone while officers were present. Complainant was advised of civil remedies. 

Entering Auto – Carwood Dr: In reference to someone going through the complainant’s vehicle. Report taken. 

Entering Auto – Plaza Drive in reference to complainant having her Acura 3.2L entered during the night.

Dispute – Southside Park in reference to two subjects disputing over clothes. 

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