MPD Reports: Shoplifting from Home Depot and large cache of power tools shoplifted from Home Depot

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 4 – 10, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Noise Complaint, Dorothy Dr., reference to music being played. Residents turned the music down.
  • Domestic Dispute, Edwards St., two subjects were in a verbal dispute. Report taken.
  • Noise Complaint, West Creek Circle, reference to large party with illegal parking, trash, the smell of marijuana, intoxicated subjects in the yard. Party ended and disorderly house report made.
  • Dispute, Chevron, South Broad St./Atha St., reference to black male inside disputing with the store clerk.  A male subject was issued a criminal trespass warning to stay off the property.
  • Damage to Property, Chestnut Lane, the complainant called in reference to her vehicle being “keyed”. The damage to the vehicle was not consistent with her statements and appeared old.
  • Dispute, GW Carver/Green St., anonymous caller heard a dispute in the area. Rode through the area and no persons or dispute located around the time of the call. All ok.
  • Domestic, West Marable St., reference to a dispute between neighbors over disrespect. Situation mediated.
  • Loud Party, Rose Ison Terrace, named male subject had a large party that was loud.  The party disbursed on its own as officers arrived.  Party then moved to Applewood Dr.
  • 911 Hang-up, Reed Way, reference to a male subject on location with lockjaw and EMS was en route. Officer took subject to hospital and canceled MED unit.
  • Dispute, Applewood Dr., third party caller in reference to black male and black female disputing in the yard.  The family get-together was advised to quiet down for the sake of the neighborhood.
  • Dispute, Towler St., reference to a dispute between two subjects. One subject claims the other subject assaulted her. That subject was GOA. Report taken.
  • Follow up at MPD in reference to other parties from Towler St., dispute wanting to meet about the incident. Advised they would come back to Monroe to speak to police.
  • Dispute, Custom Way, two subjects in a verbal dispute over a third party’s cellphone. Situation mediated.
  • Meet Person, South Broad St., a citizen in the lobby wanted to speak with an officer about drug activity.
  • Domestic Dispute, Plantation Dr., Bennie Anderson arrested for battery against named subject. Report taken.
  • Juvenile Complaint, South Madison/East Church St. male running in the road in front of cars. Contact made with 15 years old, who was exercising. 15-year-old was given a ride to his residence on East Church St.
  • Damage to Property, Harris St., met with a complainant. He stated his ex-girlfriend keyed his vehicle. Report Taken.
  • Meet With, Plantation Dr. Family member wanted officers on location while retrieving property. All ok.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Home Depot, 2 black males shoplifted a numerous amount of power tools. Subjects left in a black dodge dart, which was located shortly after by Walton County Sheriff’s deputies at Hwy 11/Saratoga Dr. A brief pursuit ensued and subjects were apprehended. 2 warrants for felony shoplifting and 1 warrant for theft by receiving to be obtained. WCSO had additional charges and transported subjects to jail.
  • Entering Auto, Ridge Rd., unlocked car rummaged through, Complainant SSN card and prepaid cards taken. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 78, White Ford Pickup driving reckless. Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Wanted Subject, George W. Carver Dr., reference to named male subject being in front of Apt in GW Homes. The Subject fled on foot upon officer’s arrival. A search of the area was conducted with negative contact.
  • Damage to Property, Rose Ison Terrace, complainant advised named subject threw a tire iron through her back window of her vehicle.  It was also found that her two passenger side tires were flattened.  No other witnesses were on scene.  Report Taken
  • Meet With, North Broad St., reference to a Manager calling because a customer was yelling in the parking lot.The managerr was advised to call back if the customer returns, so a criminal trespass can be issued.
  • Threats, Towler St., Apt. reference to a black male by the nickname of Jay making suicide threats and threats toward two subjects. They declined a report at this time but requested extra patrol.
  • Dispute, East Tall Oaks Dr., complainant stated his neighbor on West Tall Oaks was harassing him over money. Contact made with the neighbor and the situation was mediated.
  • Suspicious Person, Felker Park, named subject was observed walking through the park, he advised he was leaving from Monroe Estates and going to a residence on South Madison Ave. Nothing further.
  • Dispute, Sorrells Stthe ., complainant advised she was wrestling with her boyfriend in the front yard.  The boyfriend took her phone and left on foot.  She was unsure of where he went.  Complainant did not wish to press charges.
  • Domestic Dispute, Hubbard St., Diana Duke arrested for criminal trespass for slashing complainant tires during a dispute. Ferguson advised of TPO process. Report taken.
  • Domestic Dispute, Ramesh Lane, complainant requesting ab escort for children’s clothing. No dispute, No family violence. All 10-4.
  • Unruly Juvenile, Store House Cta ., 10-year-old male, did not want to go to school due to him being bullied. A family friend gave the juvenile a ride to school after officers spoke with the juvenile.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Gliding Lane, reference to a newer model Dodge Ram possibly conducting narcotics related transactions. Vehicle GOA. No suspicious activity observed. All ok.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Shawn-Bria Lawson and Rickshavelle Byrd on scene shoplifted approximately $50 worth of merchandise from Walmart. Both arrested for shoplifting, and active warrants. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Unisia Dr., reference to a vehicle that has been on location for several weeks and has not moved. Vehicle on private property and owned by an employee of the business. All ok at this time.

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