MPD Reports: Shoplifting, stolen vehicle recovered by owner and domestic disputes continue

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 23 – 30, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Welfare Check – E. Fambrough St. – In reference to a call received from dispatch regarding someone yelling for help. Upon arrival I saw three people arguing. Got out and spoke to parties. One was drunk and having a verbal argument with other two. Parties agreed to keep the one inside. 

Dispute – E Fambrough St – In reference to caller advising that there was an active fight; pertaining to previous call with same three people. Subject was drunk and tried to pick a fight with the other two. Other parties did not want to press charges. Subject was go upon my arrival. 

Loitering – Piedmont Walton. Male on location refusing to leave, after being discharged. He was assisted into the back of an ambulance and given a ride back to his group home. 

Stolen Vehicle – Davis St. – In reference to a stolen vehicle that was recovered by the owner. Owner stated that he just wanted to take the vehicle home to repair it. 

Dispute – Sorrells St. In reference to subject on location refusing to leave. She was given a ride home by another subject. 

Traffic Stop – Pine Park & Knight St. In reference to three male juveniles riding in vehicle with expired tag. Juveniles cited and turned over to parents. 

Dispute – Masters Drive: In reference to subject on location trying to get subject to answer the door. Subject left the property with all of his belongings. Report made. 

Criminal Trespass – Gatewood Way in reference to a male subject was refusing to leave but left the property. Subject was criminal trespassed from the residence. 

Dispute – Hill Street: In reference to the complainant being told that a dispute between a couple was occurring. Report made. 

Dispute – Walmart -Complainant called in reference to her 13-year-old grandson not listening. Situation mediated. 

Entering Auto – Stokes Street: In reference to back driver side window busted out on a 2020 Hyundai Elantra. Report taken. 

Dispute – East Fambrough: In reference to Complainant wanting Law Enforcement to stand by while subject retrieves his items from the location. Situation was mediated. 

Shoplifting -West Spring Street in reference to a subject shoplifted 39 items worth $ 225.72

Theft – South broad Street at John’s Supermarket in reference to the theft of a briefcase and laptop. 

Juvenile Complaint – West Fambrough -Third party caller advised two juveniles were arguing. Situation mediated and parties separated. 

Shoplifting – West Spring Street in reference to female shoplifting. 20M011495 

Juvenile Complaint – W Spring St. Captain D’s employee caused a fight between employees and was fired. Her family arrived and caused further issue. She and her mother were criminally trespassed from the business. 

Dispute – Bridge Pl. reference to two having a verbal argument. One stated that no physical altercation took place. One was gone when officers arrived. 

Dispute – Lander St. third party caller stating a male was causing a disturbance at the location. Made contact with the residents and they advised they were ok and not issues at the location. 

Theft – Tall Oaks W. Caller stated that subject possibly took her phone. Report made. 

Dispute – Pine Park St. Reference to two subjects having a dispute at West Creek Circle. During the dispute the male struck the female with a closed fist. Male was gone when officers arrived. Warrants to be taken 

Dispute – Jack Peters. In reference to subject having issues with another subject. Continuous issues between the two females and they refuse to leave each other alone. They were advised of their options. 

Mental Person – West Creek Cir. Caller stated mother was having a mental health episode. Turned over to EMS. 

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