MPD Reports: Shots fired into home by intruder; juvenile charged after striking nurse

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 20 – 27, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a convictions.

Suspicious Person – Pinecrest Dr. – Officer observed a 16-year-old juvenile walking in the area. Contact was made and it was determined that he was under the influence. He was driven back to Plantation Drive to be turned over to his mother. Officer was unable to make contact. Juvenile admitted to attempting to break into businesses. CID was contacted and briefed on the situation. Juvenile was transported to Piedmont Walton to be medically cleared. Contact was finally made with mother. 

Juvenile Complaint – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Juvenile charged with simple battery after striking a nurse. DFACS notified due to no parents being able to pick up Juvenile. He was taken to juvenile court and turned over to court system. Total time on call was 6 hours. 

Theft report – Elm Place. Ref to a puppy taken out of back yard last weekend. Has not seen the animal. Animal control has not had contact. 

Suspicious Person – MLK Jr. Blvd., Tractor Supply. Ref to a female asleep in a vehicle. She was woken up and sent on her way. 

Burglary Report – Tall Oaks West. Complainant denied police assistance. 

Follow Up – Tall Oaks West. Complainant on previous call changed his mind and wanted police assistance. Entry made through window, gun and watch taken. 

Dispute – Meadow view Dr. Ref to 15-year-old and mother arguing. Child advised she called because mom got onto her. Mom advised daughter was very out of it. Remedies were advised for both. 

Shoplifting – West Spring St., Walmart. A female subject cited for shoplifting after stealing $120 worth of food items. 

Damage to property – Turner St. Complainant reports two flat tires on his Chrysler 200. 

Suspicious Person – East Church St., Chestnut Cupboard Ref to a 4-door white car with occupants that appeared to be wanting to fight. Vehicle was gone when officers arrived. 

Suspicious person – North Broad St. and Tanglewood. Ref to an elderly female on foot in the rain that appears disoriented. Subject was sent back to her home. 

Found property – South Broad St., MPD. Comp found a drivers’ license in the Quality Foods parking lot. Address on license was verified to still be current and was dropped in the mail to be returned, all ok. 

Theft report – Country Club Dr. Complainant advised she came home to an open back door, nothing missing. Call canceled before arrival Comp advised door opened by one of her juveniles. 

Damage to property – South Broad St., Computer store. Ref to a FedEx truck that backed into a pole and left the scene. Report declined by property owner. 

Theft report – Overlook Tr. Complainant reports a stolen cell phone. She stated she was at her boyfriends’ house when her phone went missing along with her wallet. Report taken 

Theft report – East Spring St., Monroe Motor Inn,. Called in third party by the front desk in reference to a stolen wallet. Subject stated it was two black males, wearing dark clothes. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Towler St at Madison Ave. Two vehicle accident with minor damage and no injuries. Parties exchanged information among themselves and refused law enforcement services. No E.M.S. services required or requested. All ok. 

Traffic Stop -N Broad St. Monroe Food Mart. Vehicle was stopped for having an expired tag. Both driver and passenger had active warrants out of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. WCSO did not place a hold on either subject. The driver was issued a citation for Disorderly conduct. Report taken 

Shots Fired – Thompson Ridge Dr. – Homeowner heard a noise in driveway. Once he turned on his porch light he observed a male standing next to his vehicle in driveway. The suspect fired one round which entered the glass window next to the front door. The suspect then fled on foot. Officers searched the area with negative contact. Contact was made with homeowners with cameras. CID responded to scene. 

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