MPD Reports: Sick man slumped over in truck turned over to EMS; Gunshot wound treated at hospital

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period 12 – 19, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Other Law – W. Spring St. (Piedmont Walton): In reference to the complainant having questions concerning ongoing issues with an ex-spouse. The complainant was advised of remedies. 
  • Dispute – E. Marable St. – In reference to a subject being Criminally Trespassed from the Monroe Housing Authority after a verbal dispute with the property manager.
  • Theft – N. Broad St. The complainant claimed that subject stole $ 300 dollars out of her purse and then gave her back $ 120. Warrant taken against the subject.
  • Dispute – S. Broad St. in reference to a domestic dispute between a complainant and boyfriend.
  • Civil Issue – Turner St: In reference to a subject not returning a rental car on time. Contact made and the subject advised she would return the car this date.
  • Dispute – Davis St. Complainant was threatened by a subject’s mother “Pumpkin” over the phone.
  • EMS Assist – Unisia Dr. in reference to a male slumped over behind the wheel of a truck. The male subject was visibly sick. Turned over to EMS.
  • Hit and Run Collision – Bold Springs Road; Allstar: In reference to a private property collision. The second driver located and report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – S. Madison Ave. at FISH. Went to Cook St. and served two people with Criminal Warnings for both FISH locations.
  • Dispute – Green St. in reference to two parties were arguing. Both parties were separated.
  • Lost Item – W. Spring St. – In reference to complainant losing his wallet the previous night. No camera footage of the item during that time.
  • Missing Person – E. Church St.: In reference to a mental health patient walking away from her home. The patient was located prior to the officer’s arrival.
  • Wanted person – Lacy St. Units were advised of a wanted person in the area. Conducted an area check with no contact.
  • Suspicious Person – Felker Park. In reference to the subject cutting through the park to his friends’ house. He was advised of the park hours.
  • Domestic – Walton Mills Store House Court. The subject in a verbal dispute with his girlfriend. Parties separated.
  • Shots Fired – Baron Dr. In reference to a call of shots fired. Negative contact and no evidence of any shots were found. Area checked.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Walmart parking lot. Reference to White Chevrolet pick-up truck that struck stop sign while entering the parking lot. Contact made with the driver. Driver advised he would be handling damages with Walmart.
  • Stolen vehicle – Cook Place apartments. Reference to complainant stating that the subject took his white Crown Vic without permission.
  • EMS assist – Radford St. Reference W/M with difficulty breathing. The subject was turned over to EMS.
  • Citizen flag down – Bryant Rd. Reference to complainant advising a loose K9 has been coming to her residence recently looking for food. The complainant was advised to contact animal control next time the K9 comes back to her residence.
  • Welfare check – W. Spring St., Haven Inn. The subject called welfare check on himself requesting a ride to the storage unit and Walmart so he can shop. Advised of remedies.
  • Entering auto – W. Spring St., Haven Inn. Jeep wrangler entered at some point during the night. A Ruger 9mm taken, no Serial Number.
  • Theft report – WaltonThe call Call was canceled due to roommate moving items in the residence.
  • Dispute – Bridgeport Pl. In reference to juveniles fighting. All juveniles were released to adults. Report Taken
  • Gunshot wound – W. Spring St., Piedmont Medical Center.

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