MPD Reports: Single-vehicle accident turns out to be alleged suicide attempt

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 30 to Dec. 6, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental Person, Perry St., complainant wanted a ride 2 doors down from his residence. He was advised that we are not a taxi service.
  • Civil Issue, West Marable St., reference to complainant calling the police because her boyfriend posted on Facebook and she wanted Police to make him leave. The complainant was referred to the eviction process.
  • Suspicious vehicle, E Washington/S Hammond Dr., Red passenger car unable to maintain lane. Located vehicle and followed to an address on Davis St. No traffic violation seen.
  • Fireworks, Williams St., the complainant advised she shot off two fireworks.  She was not aware it was going to be as loud as it was.  She apologized to neighbors and was advised not to shoot off any more fireworks.  All ok.
  • Discharge Firearms, Turner St., caller advised of shots fired. A white passenger car was seen leaving the area. A traffic stop was conducted. Upon further investigation the driver Kermit Reid was arrested for discharging a firearm and the passenger Jamarcus Jackson was arrested of possession of Marijuana.
  • Unknown Law, West Spring St., the anonymous complainant stated a white female was sleeping behind the wheel of a Dodge pickup truck and would not wake up for over an hour. The vehicle was gone in an unknown direction of travel when officers arrived.
  • Dispute, GW Carver Apt., reference to complainant wanting the named male subject to leave the location. Benjamin left, no further incident. No domestic relationship.
  • Dispute, Maple Lane, complainant advised that the party in the complex was too loud and she could hear it in her residence.  Patrons of the party were advised to shut down the party.  All ok.
  • 3rd party Dispute, Parkway Pl., reference to complainant calling because she heard her mother and her boyfriend arguing. I spoke to the mother and she stated she wasn’t arguing with anyone.
  • Loitering, Home Depot, male subject discovered on location during an area check, sleeping in a shed. The subject is homeless and was transported to his family’s residence.
  • 911 Hang-Up, North Madison Ave., reference to a domestic dispute between David Brown and female subject. Mr. Brown was arrested for Criminal Trespass FV.
  • Threats, Walmart DC., reference to named male subject making threats that he was going to come back to the location and get into a fight with an employee.  Spoke with management who advised subject is no longer employed here and wanted to let us know if he comes back, they would like a criminal trespass warning issued.  All ok at time of the call.
  • Unknown Law, Childers Park, Anonymous caller stated she heard arguing in Childers Park. Officers walked the park and discovered two subjects arguing on West Washington Street. One subject advised they were arguing about their dog peeing in the house and running around. That subject was not cooperative with officers on scene and walked in the house closing the door when we would not make the other subject leave. There was no accusation of a crime while on scene.
  • Domestic Dispute, Hwy 78, two subjects were having a dispute at Waffle House that carried over to the truck stop. No signs of injury were present, report done for documentation purposes.
  • Domestic Dispute, South Broad St., the male subject struck female subject with a coat hanger leaving a welt on her back. Warrant to be takethe n on male subject.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Broad the St., complainant advised a suspicious vehicle in drive though. She advised he was rude and just wanted law enforcement to know.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., complainant wished for officers to check the area for tan PT Cruiser. Occupants were acting suspicious leaning back in the seats. Negative Contact.
  • Meet Person, Walker Dr., complainant advised that CID told him to call if he sees a named subject. WCSO units made contact with the subject on Walker Drive. Turned over to the Walton County Sheriff’s Ooffice.  This was in reference to a county investigation.
  • Dispute, Johns Supermarket, Black male on location causing a disturbance. Subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Meet with Person, Unisia Dr., complainant wanted information on the proceedings of getting a criminal trespass issued to named subject. She wanted an off-duty officer on site next week.
  • Suspicious Person, Lumpkin St./East Church St., Anthony Williams stopped in reference to the call at John’s Supermarket earlier. Mr. Williams had a warrant and was transported to the county jail. Report made.
  • Traffic Stop, Hwy 78/East Spring St., Malaysia Smith was stopped for 75/55. The odor of marijuana was omitting from the vehicle, conducted a probable cause search and recovered less than an oz of marijuana and a drug related object. Malaysia Smith was cited for speed and less than an oz of marijuana. Marijuana will be placed in evidence; the drug related object will be placed into evidence to be destroyed.
  • Warrant Attempt, South Broad St., reference to Daniel Burke having an active warrant.  Mr. Burke was on location and taken into custody.
  • Escort, Lacy St., reference to being flagged down by two teenage girls requesting officers to escort them to their friend’s house too pick up their dogs. All ok.
  • Damage to Property, Tractor Supply, reference to male subject damaging female subjects’ vehicle. Male subject’s parents advised they were going to pay for the damages.
  • License/Safety Checkpoint, MLK Jr Blvd./Charlotte Rowell., John Sims had a headlight out, suspended registration, and suspended license. Johns sims was arrested and released on a copy. Escorted afterwards because he had no way home to Athens. Other citations and warnings given, one vehicle impound.
  • Vehicle Accident, Michael Etchison Rd. behind GWA. Female driver intentionally ran off the roadway with the intent to harm herself. Accident handled by Georgia State Patrol. Report taken for a suicide attempt.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Plaza Trace/Highland Terrace, reference to a vehicle on location for several days. The vehicle, a brand-new Toyota Camry, was found to belong to a resident. All ok.

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