MPD Reports: Slashed tires, sugar in gas tank and slew of mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 3 – 9, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Scam – Wall St. Complainant stated that she had been scammed out of over $3,000 dollars since this past Tuesday. She stated she sent it to the CashApp address associated with the hacked Facebook account of her daughters’ godmother. She was advised as to how to not be scammed in the future. 

Dispute – Birch St. Reference to the complainant having a dispute with her 13- year-old Granddaughter. Remedies advised. 

Dispute – N. Midland Ave. Parties on location intoxicated in a verbal dispute. Parties were separated and report taken. 

Fireworks – Stokes St. Complainant worried about fireworks in the area. Spoke with homeowner shooting fireworks. He was advised of the legal time to do so. 

Juvenile Complaint – Tanglewood. Verbal dispute between mother and daughter. Civil remedies advised. 

Damage to Property – Oak St. Complainant reports slashed tires and sugar in gas tank. Damage was observed while on scene. Report was taken. 

Suspicious Person – E. Spring St. Short Stop. Subject on location, intoxicated. She was observed in the passenger seat of her vehicle and never in control of it. The vehicle was left on location and subject walked to her residence. 

Suspicious person – E. Church St., Chestnut Cupboard. Terrance Brewer arrested for criminal trespass. The jail would not accept him on the criminal trespass warrant, and he was released at his residence. 

Mental Patient – W. Spring St., Los 3 Amigos. (COVID positive) person wanted to report an incident on Turkey Mtn. Trl. Walton County Sheriff’s Office unit met with him at Piedmont Walton.

Suspicious person – E. Washington St. Report of persons knocking on the door. Contact made with an intoxicated person with an open beer. He was issued a citation for public intoxication. 

Shoplifting – W. Spring St., Walmart. Female subject released on copy of citation after fingerprinting. 

Hit and run – S. Broad St., John’s Supermarket. 2 vehicle accident with very minor damage, second vehicle GOA prior to officers’ arrival. Report made in GEARS 

Juvenile Complaint – Oak St.: In reference to WCSO being flagged down by the complainant. Complainant stated that one of the juveniles threw a rock at him. Report made. 

Welfare Check – W. Spring St.: In reference to the staff wanting subject to leave the property. The subject was dealing with mental issues. The subject left without further incident. 

Meet Complainant – S. Broad St. in reference to a subject violating conditions of a domestic violence order. Report and Warrants taken

Suspicious Person – Bold Springs Rd. (All Star): In reference to subject being on location telling the clerk there is people trying to get him. Subject was given a courtesy lift to Doster Ave. in the county. 

Agency Assist – W. Spring St. (Piedmont Walton Hospital) in reference to a violent mental patient that is being brought in by WCSO. All Okay. 

Suspicious Person – Ridge Road (Pine Ridge Villas) in reference to meeting with office manager who needed information about mental evaluation paperwork. Advised her to meet with Probate Court. No other action needed. 

Suspicious Person – Ridge Road (Skyline Apartments): In reference to a subject being on location and has a key to the residence. Apartment secured. Negative contact. Remedies were given to the complainant’s father. 

Fraud – Pine View Dr. in reference to Elijah Millard having unknown inquiries on his credit report. Remedies advised. 

Suspicious Person – Breedlove Dr. and Alcovy St. Made contact with staff at Ridgeview and subject. Subject decided to voluntarily seek mental help at Ridgeview. 

Suspicious Person – Bankers Blvd and Michael Etchison in reference to officer observing a w/m lying on the sidewalk. Subject was turned over to EMS for back pains. 

Suspicious Vehicle) N Broad / Hwy 78: In reference to a Dodge Journey failure to maintain lane. Area check. Negative contact. 

Meet with Complainant – Pannell Rd in reference to a subject reporting a subject who has a TPO against him for Facebook requesting him. He had an active warrant out of Barrow County. He was arrested and turned over to Barrow County. 

Suspicious Person – W. Spring St; Piedmont Walton. On site security advised that a female subject was loitering on site and would not leave. Contact made with subject who was advised to leave. All ok. 

Assault – N. Broad St. Susie’s Wings. In reference to two black males attempting to jump the complainant’s grandson. 

Dispute – W. 5th St. Domestic dispute involving father and son. Situation mediated, civil remedies advised, and parties separated. Report taken. 

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