MPD Reports: Slew of disputes over: roommate staring; girlfriend cheating; and refusal to leave

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents during the period June 11 – 18, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge is not considered a conviction.

  • Dispute – Maple Place Townhomes subjects on location disputing with a subject who was refusing to leave. He was issued a criminal Trespass and sent on his way. 
  • Suspicious Person – S. Madison Ave. in reference to observing possibly a wanted person sleeping under the pavilion. He was cited for loitering and turned over to EMS in reference to foot pains and vomiting.
  • Meet with Officer – S. Broad St. (MPD) in reference to retrieving cell phones from evidence. Advised to call during the workweek to make an appointment.
  • Fight – E. Church St. (FISH) in reference to two employees physically disputing on location. Both subjects were cited for disorderly conduct.
  • Dispute – Breedlove Dr. (Ridgeview): In reference to a person believing she is being held against her will. Report made.
  • Identity Theft – Forest Lane in reference to someone made a fake Instagram account of the complainant.
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave. (J&B Auto Sales) in reference to a person stating the owner was purposely not answering his phone calls and not painting his vehicle after being paid for the service. Civil remedies advised, report taken.
  • Other Law – Wellington Dr. in reference to complainant stated his neighbor tore down part of his fence. The neighbor showed complainant the survey that was done and the fence was on his property. The neighbor is planning to build a new fence next week.
  • Theft – W. Marable St. about a silver Mongoose bike stolen from the residence.
  • Shoplifting – In reference to a shoplifter at the Dollar General. The subject left in a red Dodge pick-up truck and was pulled over in a future call.
  • Firearms Discharge – Tanglewood. Reference to shots heard in the area. Area searched. Determined to be fireworks being discharged.
  • Dispute – Forrest Lane – In reference to a juvenile complainant stating that his ex-girlfriend’s mother was on her way to deal with the juvenile. No one showed up except for the juvenile’s mother.
  • Dispute – Carwood. Roommates on location very intoxicated in a verbal dispute because one was staring at the other. They were advised to leave each other alone and go to their rooms.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W. Spring -Officer flagged down in reference to registration stats due to COVID-19, all ok.
  • Traffic Stop – Walker Dr. / Mathis St. Reference to a red Dodge Ram being stopped for failure to maintain lane. Further investigation led to the arrest of the driver for driving under the investigation and a passenger for active warrants out of Newton County.
  • Dispute – Kendall reference to son arguing with mother and grandmother in home. Son had an active warrant and was arrested.
  • Dispute – E. Church St. – In reference to a domestic dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend. The girlfriend caught boyfriend cheating; the argument got physical. No clear primary aggressor, no arrest, parties separated.
  • Dispute – Baron Dr. Two males intoxicated in a verbal dispute over who could get more girls. They were advised to go home and sent on their way.
  • Dispute – E. Fambrough. A dispute between Willie Wilson Jr. and another subject. The subject received substantial injuries and was transported via EMS to Piedmont Walton for treatment. Mr. Wilson was arrested for Agg. Battery FV and Kidnapping
  • Escort – W. Spring St. in reference to escorting a female involved in a domestic from the hospital to Stripling’s to meet Athens Clark County Police.
  • Dog Bite – W. Spring St. (Piedmont Walton): In reference to a brown Pit Bull bite to the right forearm. The complainant stated it was on Lacey St. near Harris St. WCAC was notified by dispatch. Turned over to Animal Control.
  • Dispute – Maple St. in reference to a verbal dispute between two parties in reference to a mental evaluation. One party was gone when officers arrived. The other party was advised of the mental evaluation procedure.
  • Dispute – Gatewood Dr. in reference to a verbal dispute between two parties. Mediated and separated. report was taken.
  • Dispute – Hill St. in reference to subject disputing with another subject who was refusing to leave. Situation mediated.

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