MPD Reports: Slew of entering auto and property damage complaints

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 10 – 17, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – New Lacy Street: In reference to complainant having her granddaughter take her cell phone without permission. Report made for document purposes. 

Other Law – Stonecreek Bend: In reference to complainant giving out her social security number out over the phone. Report made for document purposes. 

Damage to Property – W Highland Ave – Owner of the home that is under construction had damage to a window on the right side of the home as you are looking at the home from the street. The whole looked to be the size of a BB. report taken. 

Suspicious Person – S Broad St. – Caller advised that three young males were acting odd and hitting car in the parking lot. Made contact with males, they advised they were just playing and were sent on their way. 

Dispute – W 5th St – in reference to two subjects getting into a domestic dispute. No probable cause to arrest. Report made for documentation. Parties agreed to stay in different locations for the evening. 

Other Law – Plaza Tr -met with caller who advised somebody was putting paperwork into his truck. No crime. All ok. 

Dispute – Lacy St – Juvenile took grandmother’s vehicle without permission, D.J.J was contacted, juvenile complaint form filled out, juvenile released to her mother. 

Traffic Offense – Lawrence St & Mears St – original offense was defective equipment, probable cause search lead to finding marijuana in the vehicle. The driver and passengers were taken to Walton County jail. 

Suspicious Person – Breedlove Dr & W Spring – female was walking away from a dispute. She walked away to get some air. Advised everything is ok. 

Entering Auto – N. Midland Avenue in reference to a Ford Explorer. The complainant stated that there was nothing stolen out of her vehicle. 

Entering Auto – South Broad Street (MPD) back parking lot: In reference complainant discovering that her vehicle was entered last date. Report made. 

Dispute – Chestnut Lane: In reference to arguing over items in the storage building in the back yard with family members. Report taken. 

Entering Auto – Bryant Road in reference to complainant having her vehicle entered between 21:00 to 22:00 hours last date. Report taken. 

Trespass – South Broad Street (MPD): In reference to having a patron trespass from 5th Street. Complainant was advised of remedies. 

Theft – North Broad Street (Waffle House) in reference to missing money. 

Fraud – Pinecrest Drive: Carole Queen called in reference to an unknown person using her name and business to defraud other realtors. 

Agency Assist – Reed Way: In reference to Newton County Sheriff’s Office want an officer to stand by until subject arrives on location to retrieve the Juvenile. All okay. 

Entering Auto – Royal Court in reference to complainant wanted to let the police know someone entered her unlocked Kia Rio and stole her wallet that had her credit card and driver’s license. Complainant declined a report. 

Identity Theft – North Broad Street in reference to complainant said someone filed for unemployment in his name. 

Suspicious Person – Windsor Drive – Christopher Young advised a male subject was at his residence which is vacant, contact made with the subject who advised he was waiting for his realtor to tour the residence. The subject was advised to wait in the cul-de-sac. 

Property Damage – South Broad Street in reference to property damage done at the Home Depot on 09/13/20. 

Burglary – Cook St – neighbor saw that window was broken and the residence was a mess. Resident is out of town, report taken with follow up later when owner gets home. 

Dispute – S Broad St – in reference to two subjects getting into a verbal argument over changing a babies’ diaper. One subjects mother en route to pick her up. 

Warrant attempt – Walton St. The subject was arrested and transported to WCSO on 2 warrants. 

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