MPD Reports: Stalking; warrant pick ups; juvenile complaints; domestic threats and disputes

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period March 23 – 30, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Warrant – E. Marable. – In reference to locating a named subject. He had warrants for financial transaction fraud. He was located at the residence and taken into custody without incident.
  • Dispute – S Broad St in reference to two subjects were arguing in the roadway. The female subject was gone when officers arrived..
  • Juvenile Complaint – Blaine St – Complainant requested extra patrol of Pine Park Street in reference to juveniles messing with his vehicles.
  • Property Damage – Blaine St – In reference to a vehicle that was damaged at Marshalls on February 16. Complainant stated that her insurance company needed a report generated.
  • Loud Music – Green St- Residents were having a get together and had loud music playing. Contact was made and residents turned the music down.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hill St @ Roosevelt- In reference to the caller stating 4-wheelers and dirt bikes were in the roadway. Contact was made with the individuals and they were on private property. They were advised to keep them off the roadway.
  • Civil Issue – Amber Trl. Complainant had questions regarding evictions, civil remedies advised.
  • Other Law – Monroe PD In reference to the complainant receiving an anonymous letter in the mail. Remedies advised.
  • Non – Violent Dispute – Mayfield Dr. Two employees in a verbal dispute, supervisor requested one be criminal trespass from property.
  • Disturbing the Peace – Baron Drive at Springer Lane. Third party call about subjects smoking and causing a scene. Area checked, subjects were playing basketball, all appeared ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Glen Iris Dr- In reference to a vehicle parked in the parking lot for approx. 1 hour, upon making contact with the occupants of the vehicle they stated they had originally came to look at a vehicle but got side tracked by talking. All okay.
  • Fraud – E. Church St. – In reference to paperwork from Walton County Sheriff’s Office and other incidents occurring outside of city limits. Turned over to WCSO.
  • Damage to Property – Pavilion Pkwy. Subject opened car door and hit another vehicle, neither vehicle had damage and the victim of vehicle that was hit declined a report.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Sorrells St.- In reference to subjects riding on the road, contact was made with the subjects who were advised they can’t ride them on the road. Subjects walked the vehicles over to a residence on Cook St. to be picked up.
  • Firearms – Sussies: In reference to being flagged down by motorist stating there was a fight and possibly shots fired in the area of Sussies. Area checked heavily with negative contact.
  • Stalking – Baron Dr. Complainant called due to a male subject making advances towards her that were unwanted. Male subject came to the complainant’s address unannounced. Complainant is unaware how he obtained her address. Complainant was not able to provide a name due to not knowing the male. The complainant and this unknown male both work at the Walmart DC. Complainant was advised to contact her supervisor and HR to obtain the subjects info. Extra patrol request for her address for the time being.
  • Dispute – E. Marable St.- In reference to a female subject being slapped by her child’s father Contact was attempted to be made with the possible witness but units were unable to make contact.
  • Verbal Domestic Dispute – Carwood Dr. Husband and wife having a verbal dispute because husband had been drinking and being rude towards her mediation and parties agreed to separate in different rooms of the residence.
  • Dispute – Lacy St; In reference to female friend’s mother coming to pick her up but the friend initially refused to leave the location. The friend left prior to police arrival, all okay.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Windsor Dr. – In reference to a vehicle with the trunk hatch open, contact was made with the owner who stated they were unsure if anything was missing from the vehicle but would check.
  • Animal complaint – Bridge Port- in reference to a pit bull running loose. Negative contact
  • Other Law – Wendy’s.- Complainant reported a red truck bumping into her twice while in the drive through. Complainant denied a report.
  • Threats – S Madison Ave -in reference to ex-boyfriend threatening the new boyfriend.
  • Warrant Attempt – Tanglewood Dr- While driving by named subject was seen on the front porch. He had a probation violation warrant. Harold was taken into custody without incident.

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