MPD Reports: Stolen and recovered vehicle, slew of entering auto

The City of Monroe Police reported the following incidents for the period May 28 to June 4, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Firearms – Garden Ct. A resident reported several shots throughout the day. Area checked; negative contact. 
  • Welfare Check – Lakeview Dr. Contact made at the residence with the subject. He advised he is ok.
  • Trespassing – S. Broad St; MPD. The complainant lived out of city limits and it happened outside of city limits.
  • Dispute – Lacy St. Parties were separated all ok.
  • Parking Issue – N. Broad St., Sidestreet Boutique. Information passed on to Cpt. Matthews.
  • 911 Hangup – S. Broad St. Contact made with the subject she advised everything was ok.
  • Flagdown – S. Broad St. Male wanted to complain about the food and service at Oriental Garden. Small dispute over payment for food. Advised Civil Issue.
  • Agency Assist – Valero on N. Broad St. assisted in a vehicle search with GSP.
  • Illegal Dumping – E. Spring St. at Dollar General, Complainant wanted a report before disposing of it. Report taken
  • Harassment – S. Broad St. Complainant complained of unknown persons knocking on her vehicle and residence doors. She appeared to be suffering from mental health issues.
  • Disabled Vehicle – Piedmont Pkwy & Unisia Dr. Vehicle stopped in roadway, out of gas. Owner was located, vehicle was fueled and moved out of the roadway.
  • Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. Family begging for money had a house in Lawrenceville. Sent on their way.
  • Theft – Towler St. Complainant/Victim stated that someone broke into her car on 05/24/2020 and stole her (Hydrocodone) pills. She advised that she needed to file a report to provide to the doctor to get a new prescription.
  • Counterfeit – W. Spring St; Harry’s Marathon. The subject attempted to purchase cigarettes with a counterfeit $50.00 bill. The store clerk confiscated the bill and did not let him finish his purchase. Mr. Foote criminally trespassed from location. Report taken.
  • Disturbing the Peace – Cook Pl. Loud music in the area. Subjects were advised to keep the noise down and to have a good night.
  • Dispute – Carwood Dr. Dispute involving several juveniles and father in reference to belongings. Remedies advised, report taken.
  • Disturbing the Peace – Cook Pl. In reference to loud music. Area checked and no loud noises were heard.
  • Entering Auto – Glen Iris Dr. in reference to two individuals trying to enter a vehicle in a private driveway. Another Glen Iris Dr. resident also had their vehicle entered; however, they declined a report.
  • Suspicious Person – N. Broad St. at Walton St in reference to a b/m wearing a gray hoodie going through mail and garbage cans. Contact made with the subject at Jackson Realty who was found to be in possession of 13 mail articles stolen from nearby mailboxes. He was arrested, fingerprinted, and transported to the Jail.
  • Entering Auto – Old Mill Pt. In reference to a GMC truck and a Nissan Altima was broken into. The suspect stole a Hi-Point 380 that was placed on GCIC as a stolen gun.
  • Suspicious Person – Tanglewood Dr. – In reference to being flagged down by a woman. She was wandering around in Tanglewood. She was sent back home on Tanglewood Dr. and the family is going to get an involuntary mental evaluation.
  • Damage to Property – E. Washington St.: In reference to someone spray painting on the side of the building.
  • Stolen Vehicle – S. Madison Ave. In reference to a stolen vehicle taken between the hours of 12:00 midnight to 09:00 am and entered on GCIC as stolen. Later in the day the vehicle was recovered and processed by the crime scene and turned over to the owner. Report taken.
  • Recovered Property – S. Madison Ave. In reference to recovered property found in the driveway where the vehicle was parked. The property was placed into evidence at the Police Department.
  • Enter Auto – Old Mill Pt. – In reference to Entering Auto, insurance and bank receipts missing, the vehicle was left in a mess. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (Tractor Supply): In reference to two white males in the area of Enterprise Rental. Contact was made. One had a warrant out of Berkeley County South Carolina, but they would not extradite. He was arrested for drug paraphernalia. Report made.
  • Entering Auto – Old Mill Pt. – In reference to Entering Auto, two vehicles were entered, both were left in a mess, and both vehicles had money taken.
  • Meet With – Ridge Rd. (Pine Ridge Villas): In reference to subject retrieving a gun from his father’s residence. All oaky.
  • Welfare Check – Davis Street: In reference to Squatters staying on the property without permission. All Okay.
  • Loud Music – E. Marable St. In reference to loud music. Spoke with the people on the scene, they agreed to turn the music down.
  • Private Property Vehicle Collision – W. Spring St. (Wal-Mart) – In reference to an accident that occurred in the parking lot of Walmart. 1 injured and EMS transported to Piedmont Hospital. One vehicle was towed by Taylors towing.
  • Hit & Run – W. Spring St. in reference to a Volkswagen Beetle collided into a Lexus and left the scene. Volkswagen’s driver was identified.
  • Welfare Check – Tanglewood Dr.: In reference to making contact with the juveniles. DFACS has not been able to make contact with. Contacted DFACS and informed them of the welfare check.
  • Burglary – Pine Park St. Complainant stathe ted within hour a suspect broke her front window, entered her unlocked front door and damaged her property inside the apartment. No suspects at this time.
  • Dispute – Favor Caribbean Restaurant. In reference to a 3rd party call advising of a dispute between an employee and a Black male with a knife on his hip. Units made contact with both parties. Both parties denied any dispute. All ok
  • Dispute – Heritage Trace. Reference to Residents disputing over cleaning of a bathroom. Complainant has mental health issues and other party involved staff at residence. Situation mediated by staff on site.


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