MPD Reports: Stolen tractor and trailer; road rage; and disputes between neighbors

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 21 – 28, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Stolen Vehicle – Walmart DC – Report that a former driver of a company stole their tractor trailer and trailer from Walmart DC, last known location was in Alabama where the former employee turned off the GPS tracker to the truck. Report taken.
  • Road Rage – N Broad St -In reference to a subject pointing a gun at the complainant while driving. Negative contact with subject.
  • Damage to Prop – Harris St -In reference to a named subject backing into another’s stone wall.
  • Extra patrol -Meadow Walk Sub -In reference to a motorcycle running past school bus. Made contact with two juveniles that were riding around the bus.
  • Dispute – Michael Cir; In reference to complainant’s kids walking dog. Dog defecated in neighbor’s yard. Complainant advised neighbor pulled gun on kids and dog. Subject was gone when officers arrived. Report taken. Will follow up.
  • Burglary – S Broad -Complainant in hospital was advised someone may have been in residence. Window found slightly open; residence cleared. All okay.
  • Burglary – S Broad St. third party called about someone breaking into her family member’s trailer. Upon arrival OFC checked the front and back door which were locked. Side window was slightly open. Due to call nature and a window being open, OFC crawled through the window and cleared the residence. Nothing looked disturbed, TV, Meds, Car keys still on location.
  • Traffic Accident -N Broad @ E Marable, no injuries, road blockage. Driver arrested for no license. GEARS report to follow.
  • Security Detail – Mears St. in reference to standing by while an HOA meeting took place. Reckless Driving – Pine Crest in reference to a vehicle driving erratically and striking a mailbox.
  • Other Law – Walker Dr. an unknown caller advised there was a fight on location. Contact was made with a named person who advised all was T4 just talking loudly in the yard.
  • Theft – Maple Ln. Named subject took a washer and dryer from the complainant’s residence while cleaning for future tenants. The subject admitted to taking the washer and dryer and the complainant wished to press charges. Due to the complainant wishing to press charges and the subject admitting to taken the items, the subject was placed under arrest for theft by taking.
  • Agency assist – Atha St. in reference to 4354 calling stating that a subject in a white truck at the store was driving while suspended.
  • Prowler – Old Mill Pt complainant heard someone at her back door, what sounded as someone trying to gain entry into her residence. All appeared ok on location, no contact made with any subjects and no entry was made into the apartment
  • Mental Issue – Blaine St MPD, subject having a breakdown wanted to go to the ER. Walton EMS responded and transported the subject.
  • Follow up – at Piedmont Walton in reference to ER staff calling due to one of the mental health patients with a signed 10-13 order threatening them. A report was made.
  • Theft report – South Side MHP – in reference to a bicycle taken from the front yard during the night. Report taken.
  • Prowler Report – Blaine St -In reference to subject hearing someone outside her residence multiple nights and rummaging through her car.
  • Suspicious Person – Walton Truck Stop. In reference to a female subject on location refusing to leave and asking customers for money. She was issued a criminal trespass notice for two years effective this date. Report taken.
  • 911 Hang Up – South Broad St; In reference to complainant calling stating subject shoved him. Caretaker advised complainant has history of falsely stating people putting hands on him. Parties mediated.
  • 911 Hang up – Tanglewood Dr -911 hangup in reference to a dispute between an unknown female and a third-party sister in-law, all parties were gone when officers arrived.
  • Shoplifting – S Broad St, Dollar General; In reference to an older white female possibly shoplifting merchandise. Subject was gone when officers arrived. She left in Dark Red Ford Fusion. Report taken.
  • Extra Patrol – Meadow Walk -In reference to extra patrol request from 04/25/22 due to juveniles on motorcycles riding around school bus. Negative contact on this date.
  • Information report – East church Street in reference to an elderly female asking officers to show her how to work Facebook.
  • Juvenile/Dog Comp – Hickory Drive. Complainant called due to her neighbors’ children coming into her yard when they play football. While attempting to solve the matter, the complainant’s son proceeded to call the neighbor a vulgar name and attempted to provoke the male into fighting him. All this occurred in the presence of the law enforcement officer. The subject was advised more than once to stop and walk away. State warrant was taken for DOC.

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