MPD Reports: Stolen vehicles, EMS assists and juvenile wouldn’t let her grandmother sleep

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 25 – March 4, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Juvenile Runaway – Masters Drive: In reference to a 17-year-old female that left last night. Left a note for parents. Report taken. BOLO aired, and CID notified. 

Dispute – Davis St. In reference to complainant stating that subject has repeatedly entered the property without permission when he is gone. Report taken. 

Theft report – W Spring St in reference to an unpaid pizza, report taken. 

Traffic Offense – N Broad St @ Valero. Reference to a white SUV stopped for non-functioning tag light. Further investigation led to the arrest of a female subject for active arrest warrants out of Barrow County. 

Dispute – Lacy St. in reference to an argument between two parties. Parties separated. One subject left on his own accord. 

Stolen Vehicle – North Broad Street (Golden Pantry) in reference to a subject who stole a 2019 Honda Accord from the above location. The subject was placed under arrest for theft by taking. 

EMS Assist – Lacy Street: Neighbor found subject lying on the living room floor, and was not sure if he was breathing or not. Subject was in fact breathing upon arrival, and EMS transported for a seizure. 

Follow Up – G W Carver Cir: In reference to locating a stolen vehicle taken earlier last date. 

Theft Report – Wheel House Lane: In reference to the property manager stating the tenant took the new door lock keys when she left. Unable to make contact with subject. Report taken. 

Dispute – Tanglewood Drive: In reference to Complainant stating that subject tried to hit him. Parties were separated prior to officer arrival. 

Violation of Temporary Protection Order – Walker Dr subject contacting subject through a third party. Report Taken. 

Dispute – Tanglewood Ln. Reference to complainant stating that his girlfriend swung a cooking tin at him during a dispute. Subject was gone when officers arrived. Report taken. 

Dispute – South Madison Ave complainant lending subject her phone and subject not returning it. Remedies advised. 

Juvenile Complaint – Carver Pl. Complainant stated her 13-year-old granddaughter was causing a disturbance and would not let her sleep. Situation mediated. 

Suspicious vehicle – Heritage Park. Ref to vehicles parked in the cul de sac making it difficult for school buses. Vehicles were legally parked, all ok. 

EMS assist – West Spring St., Walmart. Employee not feeling well, Turned over to EMS. 

EMS assist – Pine Cir. In reference to an elderly female that had fallen. Fire was able to make forced entry for EMS. 

Traffic stop – South Broad St., and CVS. Vehicle was stopped for a brake light violation. After investigation the driver was was taken into custody for Driving without a valid driver’s license. She was released on copy of citation. 

Warrant attempt – East Church St., Chestnut Cupboard. A subject was arrested for warrant out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. 

Unknown Law – W Spring St., Liberty First Bank. Ref to a black male laying down on a picnic table and not responding to the complainant. Subject declined medical treatment and advised all is ok. Subject was sent on his way. 

Theft report – Wheel House Ln. Complainant reporting that the vacant apartment he was working on had been broken into. Report taken. 

Fraud – Meadowbrook Dr. Complainant requesting a report due to her phone number from Verizon being given out and someone in Decatur using it. 

Traffic stop – HW138 and HW78. Vehicle matching the description from Walmart stopped and the driver identified. A search of the vehicle was conducted. No illegal contraband was located. Subject was sent on his way. 

Threats – Tall Oaks West. In ref to the complainant receiving death threat notes at her residence. Report taken. 

Damage to property – Creek View Ct.- Ref to complainant reporting that someone threw a rock at her window and cracked it. The window that complainant advised that was cracked. There was no damage to the window. All ok. 

Damage To Property – Fawnfield Dr. In reference to a trampoline and dog crate. The trampoline appeared to have been flipped on its side and rolled toward the house, which bent the dog cage poles. Report taken. 

Suspicious Person – Atha St at S Madison Ave. In reference to a male subject throwing rocks at windows of the town homes per the complainant. Subject on location advised he was trying to wake his girlfriend up. He left without incident. 

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