MPD Reports: Subject inside post office seeking warmth; domestic violence inside vehicle; man jumps on vehicle on Hwy 138 breaking windshield

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 17 – 24, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Accident – South Broad & Vine Street. In reference to a two-vehicle accident, no injuries. Report in GEARS.
  • Suspicious Person – Great Oaks – Complainant called in reference to a black male subject damaging her vehicle by jumping on the hood and breaking her windshield. Subject was detained by Walcon County Sheriff’s Office and turned over to WCSO as the incident occurred on Hwy 138/HD Atha Rd.
  • Unsecure Premises – Country Club Dr -Anonymous complainant stated the residence had an open front door. Residence was cleared and appeared to be vacant. Front door would not secure.
  • Alarm – West Spring Street (Quick Mart). In reference to a hold up alarm. Upon arrival, the store clerk stated a subject was irate about lottery tickets and had left prior to officer arrival.
  • Other Law – Blaine St; MPD. In reference to a complainant reporting subjects constantly coming near her residence harassing her. Extra Patrol requested. Report Taken.
  • Mental call – 6th St. Subject wanted to be transported by EMS for a mental evaluation. MED 7 transported subject without incident.
  • Harassment – Ridge Rd; – Male subject reporting he received a phone call from a female stating she was going to press charges. Remedies advised. Report taken.
  • Lost Property Call – E Church St. Subject reported he lost/misplaced $4,700 in cash on 11/16/2022. Report taken.
  • Damage to Property – Preston and Malcom – Complainant called in reference to damage to her vehicle. Report taken.
  • Warrant Service – Southside MHP -Female subject was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
  • Dispute – Maple Lane -Complainant called in reference to her brother’s girlfriend on location. Civil remedies advised.
  • Dispute – Magnolia Terrace. In reference to 12-year-old juvenile arguing with mother about getting in trouble at school. Verbal dispute. All okay.
  • Dispute – West Spring St – Female subject stated that when she and her husband were disputing while driving, he struck her in the face with a smoothie. Warrants to be taken for Simple Battery and Terroristic threats and acts.
  • Lost Item – Stewart Ct -Complainant stated he lost his motorcycle license plate on Hwy 78, registration was placed on GCIC as missing.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – McDaniel St and Woodland Rd. In reference to a reckless driving speeding in the area. Negative contact.
  • Fraud – Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Tractor Supply). In reference to a subject possibly attempting to return stolen items. Not able to prove intent.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Chik Fil A- Staff called advised that door dash driver left vehicle unlocked and running in parking lot which was then entered and driven away by a male subject. It was discovered the male subject is a registered owner of the vehicle, and the issue was a civil matter.
  • Violent Dispute Call – South Broad St; Chevron. In reference to the two subject from the previous call having a physical altercation while inside of their vehicle. The female subject was arrested for Battery Family Violence after further investigation and taken to WCSO Jail without incident.
  • Vehicle Collision – East Church St. @ South Madison Ave: In reference to a Blue Lincoln Vs. a Blue Ford. Report Taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – N. Broad/Hwy 138 in reference to a silver SUV failing to maintain lane. Area checked, negative contact.
  • Civil Issue – Hwy 78 @ Marathon: In reference to court ordered communication. Report taken.
  • Suspicious person – E Washington St: Monroe Post Office: In reference to subject sitting in Post office trying to keep warm. All was ok.

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