MPD Reports: Suicidal thoughts, drug activity and entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 25 – 31, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Loud music, Cook St., Made contact with a small party, advised them to turn down the music all ok.
  • Assault, Walton St., complainant stated he was assaulted at his friend’s house last night off of East Washington St. He declined a report or any prosecution. He provided some intel on drug activity that is going on in that area near the National Guard Armory. The information was forward to FIT.
  • Unknown, East Marable/Birch St., reference to a bike sitting in a ditch. Bike was found, everything was ok.
  • Dispute, Barron Dr., mother had questions regarding the legal process for removing her 18-year-old son from the residence. Son was gone when officers arrived. Remedies were advised.
  • Entering Auto, West Highland Ave., met with the complainant. He stated that his daughter’s Vehicle’s driver side door was open this morning. Report Taken.
  • Entering Auto, West Highland Ave., met with the complainant. He stated he was advised by his neighbor to check his vehicle. The complainant stated that his vehicle was gone through. Report Taken.
  • Civil Issue, East Fambrough St., the complainant had questions regarding the civil process for retrieving her vehicle from her ex-boyfriend in Atlanta.
  • Meet With, West Spring St., a vehicle with Ga Tag # was parked in the gore and too close for the complainant to get into his vehicle. The complainant was able to get in the vehicle and left the scene.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest, Lumpkin St./East Church St., Shannon Butts arrested for driving while license suspended.  Vehicle Impounded to towing co. Butts cited for DWLS, No Insurance, and Suspended Tag. Butts released on a copy of the citation.
  • Juvenile complaint, Colquitt St., complainant referenced juveniles cutting through the complainant’s yard. No contact with the juveniles.
  • Damage to Property, Norris St., reference to someone hitting complainant’s fence. Report taken.
  • Domestic, Kendall Court, complainant arrived to retrieve her property.  Her and named male subject have been living together and have 2 kids together. Male subject refused complainant access to get her belongings and left when police were notified.  The subject was advised this is her property too and of the civil process.
  • Unknown, North Madison Ave., reference to a male laying on the ground. Contact was made with that subject who was trying to get the water turned off due to a leak under the residence. Everything ok.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., met with named male subject stationary in a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Ga Tag # next to the garden center. He stated he is homeless and just moving from one parking spot to another. He stated he will leave the area for a while.
  • 911 Hang Up, East Spring St., the complainant on the scene claiming her ex-husband in parking lot surveilling her. Ex-husband not on location.
  • Civil Matter, Quality Foods, complainant needed advice in reference to getting a title on a vehicle from named female subject. It was explained to her that this was a civil issue and she would need to contact the courts in order to follow the correct process.
  • Dispute, Davis St., two subjects on scene disputing over clothing thrown away. Report taken.
  • Meet with Officer, King St., the complainant advised someone threw potatoes at her door.  She did not wish to make a report but wanted Officers to be aware.
  • Harassment, Green St., Mishante Davidson advised a male name given was knocking on her door wanting to come inside.  She stated he was a guy she allowed to come over at times.  She did not want him to come in so he kicked over her trash can.  Officers patrolled the area for the subject.  He was not located.  During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the complainant had an active warrant out of Walton County for simple battery.  She was taken into custody and transported to the jail.
  • 911 Hang Up, Haven Inn, the front desk clerk stated she was not aware of needing our assistance.  Officers were advised that room # had an incident earlier this date.  Officers attempted to make contact and were unable to do so.  While Officers were still in the parking lot female subject approached stating she needed to check the welfare of named male subject in room due to a possible suicide threat.  Officers made contact with male subject who advised he did not feel well but was not suicidal.  During the course of the call, the male subject requested EMS.  Turned over to EMS.
  • Traffic Stop, Sorrells St./Booth St., Willie Vinson arrested for driving under the influence and local Walton County Sheriff’s Office warrants. Willie cited for open container and headlight requirements as well. Vehicle towed by towing co. Report taken.
  • Patrol Request, Walton Rd., reference to dogs barking.  The complainant stated he heard what sounded like dogs attacking something.  Officers patrolled the area and had negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop, Felker St./East Washington St., the driver driving with no license. Cited and released on copy for driving no license, no insurance, altered tag, open container. Male subject also cited for open container. Vehicle towed by towing co. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., male subject verbally warned about the loitering ordinance. Black Jeep Cherokee on the scene.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78 West/North Bd., reference to a tractor-trailer traveling west on 78 with no lights.  Officer patrolled 78 West into the county and had negative contact with the tractor-trailer.
  • Fraud, West Spring St., Farmer’s Furniture, the complainant advised that a female purchased furniture at the store last month using a false identity. The victim of the identity theft reported her identity stolen in Kansas last month and advised Farmers of the fraudulent purchase. The suspect used a fake GA ID with victims’ information. The suspect, possibly a named female (B/F) from Clayton County, was supposed to return to the store this date to retrieve more property. Officers had negative contact with the suspect.
  • Meet With, East Spring St., Monroe Motor Inn, made contact with the complainant who advised that she believes people were in her motel room and that she was possibly drugged last date. Complainant has an extensive mental health history and drug abuse. The complainant advised she wanted to make Police aware and that she was going to Athens.

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