MPD Reports: Suicide; missing juveniles, domestic disputes and slew of mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period for the period April 27 to May 4, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • DOA – S Broad St – In reference to subject on location deceased due to suicide. Turned over to EMS.
  • Extra Patrol) 150 G W Carver – Request extra patrol in the area of 150 G W Carver due to possible drug activity. Area patrolled. No suspicious activity observed.
  • Suspicious Person – S Broad St (Chevron) – In reference to a named female subject on location. Consent to search found her to be in possession of Schedule II drugs. She was taken into custody without incident.
  • Assault – Classic Trail in reference to a male subject assaulting a female subject. Report taken.
  • Dispute – S Broad St – in reference to a named subject arguing with store employee. He was trespassed from the store.
  • Domestic Dispute – Tanglewood Dr – In reference to a couple getting getting into an altercation. The male was was gone when officers arrived. Warrants taken on him for Battery FV and Cruelty to Children 3rd x2
  • Found Property – E Church St. – In reference to the complainant locating multiple ID Cards and debit cards under a house. Contact was made with the individual on the ID card, who advised a week ago, her purse, wallet, and gun were stolen out of her vehicle. She was advised her cards would be in safe keeping at the MPD.
  • Dispute – Douglas St – Boyfriend and Girlfriend having an argument girlfriend stated that boyfriend put his hand on her by grabbing her neck. No marks or evidence were found. Parties were separated for the night.
  • Dispute – Sorrells St.- In reference to a verbal dispute between a male and a female.
  • Dispute – Rosewood Ln. – In reference to a possible dispute on location between a male and female. The situation was mediated, and remedies were advised.
  • Missing Person – South Madison Ave – mother called to file a report of a missing juvenile daughter. Last seen around 1400 hours, the juvenile was entered into GCIC as Missing.
  • Theft report – Hwy 78- In reference to a woman losing her wallet and Waffle House employees returning it, she stated that there was approx. $800 inside the wallet that was now missing.
  • Meet With Subject – S, Madison Ave – Walton County Sheriff’s Office – Subject called stating that she sees shadows in her apartment and cannot take it anymore. She stated that she had not even been home all day but did not want to go back because they had been in the apartment since she moved in. She was advised to go to the residence to check if anything was tampered with and if so call us
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Alcovy St – the old American Legion. The suspicious vehicle was a Monroe Police Department Vehicle, the officer that was dispatched to the suspicious vehicle. Officer Working on reports and Pass – On
  • Dispute – Michael Cir – In reference to a physical dispute between a father and son. Son was arrested for FV-Battery, and warrants were applied for.
  • Follow Up – Wheel House Ln – Follow up on missing juvenile; the juvenile was back home and verified that she was there and safe. The Juvenile was removed from GCIC as missing.
  • Assist Citizen – N Madison Ave, Subject walking to work at Nuccor on Hwy 11. Due to foggy weather conditions, the subject was provided a ride to work.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – N Midland; Brown Oil – In reference to a vehicle with the inside dome light on. The vehicle was unoccupied, unable to make contact with the registered owner. Nothing appeared damaged.
  • Agency Assist – MLK BLVD; Applebees – GSP 749 requested assistance with a juvenile that was observed in the parking lot of Applebees. The juvenile identified is known to run away from home. She was returned home to her mother who also received a citation for parental responsibility.
  • Follow-up – Waffle House; Hwy 78 – Regarding call a previous call, money was returned to the owner at MPD.
  • Suspicious Person – Waffle House/Hwy 78 -In reference to a female subject in the restroom for over an hour. Made contact with the female, she left the building. No further incident.
  • Other Law – Sycamore Court; In reference to a female subject wanting to discuss personal matters with an Officer.
  • Other Law – Sycamore Court; In reference to the subject from above claiming to have found drugs/human remains on the side of McDaniel St.
  • EMS Assist – West Spring St @ Waffle House; In reference to a female on location unresponsive for hours in a running vehicle. Female subject was okay and advised she was going in to get food then going home.
  • Other Law – Blaine St. Monroe PD- Complainant reporting her juvenile daughter was having inappropriate communications with an adult. Report taken. CID notified.
  • Mental Patient – Sycamore Court; In reference to female from above complaints calling due to not feeling safe at her residence. Advised her father and step-mother are possibly doing undercover stuff.
  • Damage to Property – W Spring St; Tokyo. In reference to a male subject causing damage to another vehicle by accident, Report taken, remedies advised.
  • 911 hang up/shoplifting – W Spring St; In reference to the complainant advising a subject attempted to steal items from their store. Contact was made with the juvenile and DJJ was contacted. Juvenile complaint form was completed.
  • Dispute – Pine Park Street- Complainant called due to individuals harassing her at her residence. Suspects were gone when officers arrived.
  • Found property – Green St; In reference to a named subject finding an old 9mm bullet on her property. The bullet was disposed of.
  • Suspicious person – Martin Luther King Jr Blvd: In reference to the complainant advising a subject carrying a tin ball walking with a gas can appeared suspicious. Negative contact was made.

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