MPD Reports: Suicide threat, mental health issues and domestic disputes dominate

The City of Monroe Police Department reports the following incidents for the period Jan. 13 – 20, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person -Saint Abans Church in reference to a subject on location. He had been in a physical altercation with a named person but did not want to give any information. The subject had a warrant out of the county for probation violation. He was transported to the hospital due to him having a broken jaw. The warrant was left on GCIC
  • Traffic Offense – Old Mill Point in reference to a grey passenger vehicle running a stop sign at East 5th St and South Madison Ave. The female driver was arrested for running stop sign and obstruction (misdemeanor).
  • Suicide Threat – Ridge Rd in reference to a named subject barricading himself in a bathroom with a knife. After a brief standoff he was talked into coming out of the bathroom. Neither the subject or any officer was injured.
  • Other Law – W Spring St: Quality Foods. In reference to a man advising he had gotten into a verbal dispute with a another man at the Monroe Motor Inn. Remedies were advised.
  • EMS Assist – Bryant Road: In regards to large K9s on scene. All was ok on scene EMS was able to do their job.
  • Dispute – Green St. In reference to a subject throwing juice at the complainant’s vehicle. Parties involved were gone when officers arrived. Remedies were given.
  • EMS Assist – In regards to a possible mental health patient. All was ok on scene. Turned over ti EMS.
  • Dispute – Mayfield Dr: A man reported another man was extorting him with a threat of violence.
  • Escort – Ridge Rd. In reference to getting clothes for a mental individual at the hospital.
  • Dispute – Wall Street in reference to a dispute between a parent and a 16-year-old. Remedies were advised. All ok.
  • Mental Patient – S Broad St. In reference to a man having a mental episode. He refused EMS services.
  • Dispute – Baron Dr: In regards to two subjects verbally arguing over money. Situation was mediated on scene. All was ok.
  • Dispute – Stoke St in reference to a man came over to the residence and started arguing with the complainant because they owe him money and they did not have it to pay him back. The man was gone when officers arrived
  • Mental Patient – Wall St. Signed 1013 order on juvenile subject. Subject was taken to Piedmont Walton for treatment, all ok
  • Custody Issue – Ashley Ct. Subject live at 138 Nowell St. Dispute between two people over the whereabouts of a named juvenile. Situation resolved all ok
  • Suspicious Person -Matthews Park – In reference to two subjects on location after hours. Subjects were advised the park was closed and left the area.

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