MPD Reports: Suicide threats; domestic disputes; black snake removed from porch

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 31 – Sept. 7, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest of charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Trespassing – W Spring Street, Family Dollar- Property manager called about individuals selling cell phones outside of their business. Contact was made with the individuals and they were sent on their way.
  • Suspicious Person – Cook Pl- A subject reported another for possibly stealing mail from the complex mailbox. Consent to search residence was granted and no stolen mail was located.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest – East Spring Street, BP Gas Station- Traffic stop initiated due to window tint violation. Driver of the vehicle was transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office on a FTA Warrant.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest – West Spring St @ Home Depot; Male subject stopped for Tail light violation, and failure to yield while turning left. The subject was placed under arrest for multiple felony warrants out of Gwinnett County.
  • Hit and Run – MLK Jr Blvd @ West Spring St – Reference to a silver Honda vs Silver F-250. The driver was located and placed under arrest for hit and run. Released on copy of citation.
  • Child Custody – Etten Drive; Complainant called in reference to the two children she has been taking care of. She does not believe the biological mother is fit to take care of her children. DFACS notified, remedies advised.
  • Suicide Threats – Carver Pl; – Two subjects reporting that another subject has stated intentions to harm herself or others. 1013 Process advised, parties separated.
  • Juvenile Problem – South Broad St- Contact made with a juvenile who had ran away from home the night prior. Contact was made with DFCS, ACCPD and the juvenile’s mother. The juvenile was given a ride back home to Athens.
  • Dispute – Davis St – Subject reporting a male subject broke her daughter’s school Chromebook Laptop by slamming it to the ground. The subject arrested for Interference with Govt Property.
  • Damage to Property – West Fambrough St – Male subject called in reference to being in an accident earlier this date and had questions on how to handle the situation civilly. Remedies advised.
  • Theft Report – MPD Lobby – Complainant called in reference to a vehicle she purchased and the seller has failed to provide the title. Remedies advised.
  • Suicide Threats – North Midland Ave – Crisis hotline called in reference to a named subject was feeling anxious and nervous and wanting to go to the hospital. Transported by EMS.
  • Other Law – E Church St- Informed by another officer of a complainant approaching him and wanting to report a homeless individual sleeping on her front porch. Negative contact was made with the homeless individual or complainant upon officer arrival at the residence.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Unisia Drive @ Walmart DC; In reference to a dodge charger parked on the side of the roadway and two subjects on foot on the shoulder. All ok, subjects were looking for a lost item.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Launius Ave -Two subject were verbally disputing with their son. Situation mediated.
  • Harassment Report – Court St, Farmers market. Complainant wanted to report a verbal altercation that he had with another male subject. The altercation occurred earlier at the market. Civil remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Cherry Hill Rd @ R & R Welding; In reference to a gray Chevrolet vehicle sitting unlocked and unoccupied in front of the closed business.
  • Loud Music – Atha Street- Made contact with a named subject who lived at Atha Street. The subject was told he needed to turn his music down. He did comply.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Unisia Drive, Hwy 78 E- GMC truck parked on the side of the road. Contact was made with the driver. Driver pulled over to check his blood pressure. All okay.
  • Disturbance – N BROAD ST; J&B FOOD MART – Reference to a black male causing a disturbance and coming in and out of the store all day.
  • Fight call – Pine Park; In reference to a female subject being struck by her sister while at a party. The sister was gone when officers arrived and the complainant did not want to press charges. Temporary Protection Order explained, and Non-Prosecution waiver form signed. Report taken.
  • Animal Complainant – Boulevard- Reference to 5ft black snake on porch. Officer “bravely” removed the snake from the property.
  • Counterfeit – N Wayne St; When Pigs Fly: In reference to the restaurant owner inquiring if a $100 bill was counterfeit. The bill was deemed authentic.
  • Dispute call – E Spring St; Monroe Motor Inn. In reference to three subjects disputing over residency. One was arrested for disorderly conduct, fingerprinted and transported to WCSO jail. Warrant taken, report taken.
  • Follow-up – West Spring KFC – In reference to making contact with a named subject and he was arrested for criminal trespass and released on a copy.
  • Loud Music – Meadow View Drive – In reference to loud music, the homeowner turned it down all okay.
  • Other Law – G W Carver Dr; Apt 8: In reference to the complainant requesting information on a civil issue between her and her husband. She was advised of remedies as well as the civil process.
  • Suspicious person – George Walton academy: In reference to the complainant advising four subjects dragging a naked toddler down the roadway. The area was checked and negative contact was made.
  • Traffic Stop – S Hammond Dr/E Spring St- Traffic stop was conducted on a white Chevy Tahoe. Passenger provided a false name and date of birth. He was later discovered to have active Burglary warrants out of Dougherty County. He was arrested and transported to WCSO without incident. Warrant obtained for false name and date of birth.
  • Damage Property – Deer Acres- In reference to water being thrown on a car. All okay the parents of the young boy cleaned the vehicle off.

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