MPD Reports: Teen murder suspect transported to RYDC; juvenile accused of sexually assaulting sibling; search for suspected police impersonator

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 2 – 8, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Area Check – Hwy 11/Vine St- Social Circle PD requested an area check for a suspected police impersonator. This suspect is driving a black Dodge Charger (RYM3230/GA). An area check was conducted but the vehicle was not located.
  • Intoxicated Subject – E. Church AMCI – subject inside the restaurant trying to smoke and taking alcoholic beverages that was not his. He was refusing to leave, and the subject was gone on arrival.
  • Found Property – Martin Luther King Blvd – In reference to a firearm being located at the carwash. The firearm was submitted into evidence for safe keeping
  • Damage to property – Pavilion Pkwy; Publix: In reference to the complainant advising someone struck her vehicle in the Publix parking lot and left the scene. Video footage was acquired and it was found the incident did not happen at Publix. The complainant was advised to contact her place of work due to it being her last location. Report taken.
  • Homeless Subject – E. Spring St. – Homeless subject was on location asking people for help, he was not asking for money. He was placed in a room at Monroe Motor Inn by FISH after making contact with them.
  • Lost Item – Green Street – In reference to firearm being left on a vehicle. Subject informed on how to gain possession of his firearm.
  • Threats – Gliding Ln. Female subject called to report that her boyfriend was making threats. When asked what kind of threats were made she stated that he asked her why her ex-husband poured gas on her and set her on fire. She took that as a threat. She was advised it would be documented and extra patrol of residence would be put in.
  • Sexual Assault – Walker Dr- Reference to a 12-year-old sexually assaulting a 7-year-old sibling. Report taken, CID notified.
  • Juvenile Transport – Crescent Dr. (RYDC) Gainesville – In reference to transporting Juvenile suspect from N. Madison, Gunshot wound call to RYDC. Juvenile was turned over to Gainesville RYDC with no incident.
  • Prowler – Gatewood Way – In reference to the caller’s roommate getting multiple phone calls from unknown numbers stating they can see her and hear her breath and asking her to come outside. After receiving the phone an unknown subject was seen walking up and down the street, an area check was conducted in the entire neighborhood and around the residence. Negative contact with anyone outside or parked in the road.
  • Found Property – West Spring St; Walton 24 – In reference to a wallet found at Walton 24. Property was returned to owner.
  • Suspicious Person – East Spring Street/N Hammond Dr- In reference to officers being flagged down by a male subject. He was provided with printed directions to his chosen destination and give a courtesy ride to the bus station.
  • Assault – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview – In reference to one male patient at Ridgeview assaulting another. One was placed under arrest for battery and transported to Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Hit and Run – West Spring St.; Wendy’s – In reference to a Black Honda Accord backing into a Maroon Honda Accord in the Pizza Hut parking lot. There was no visible damage. The complainant declined pressing charges. The suspect was located and advised of future remedies.

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