MPD Reports: Tinted windows result in arrests for probation warrants, drugs; juveniles steal candy from vehicle; child abandonment

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 7 – 14, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Other Law – Amber Trl- In reference to the caller wanting to retrieve his skateboard from a sewer. He was advised to contact the fire department.
  • Mental Patient – Piedmont Walton- In reference to a patient trying to leave the facility. The patient was not under a 10-13 order and staff was advised that they could not hold the patient against his will until a 10-13 order was signed.
  • Theft Report – Plaza Dr – In reference to a complainant having a firearm stolen from his house. Report taken and gun uploaded to GCIC.
  • Enter Auto – G.W. Carver In reference to two juveniles getting into the complainant’s vehicle. Only candy was taken from vehicles, report taken
  • Welfare Check – James Huff Rd. In reference to an incident involving a child abandonment that occurred within city limits. Turned over to DFACS
  • Juvenile Complaint – Walker Dr. – In reference to the a complainant’s juvenile son taking her vehicle. The vehicle was located but the juvenile was not. Juvenile was listed on GCIC as missing.
  • Other Law – Plaza Dr – In reference to a “Poo” subject being slapped by another after attempting to hit him twice in the face in his residence. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Magnolia Terrace -In reference to an unknown black male knocking on the front door loudly and discharging a firearm twice, then leaving. CID notified.
  • Entering Auto – Nowell Street -Two people called in reference to a named subject entering the work truck of one. Contact made with the named subject, but no arrest was made due to conflicting stories and lack of probable cause. Report taken.
  • Burglary Report – West Tall Oaks. Complainant called in reference to her back door being kicked in. Officers observed no damage to the door or any evidence of a burglary. Report taken.
  • Threats – Blaine Street (MPD) In reference to a follow up on an incident that occurred at an address James Huff Road last date. Subject was referred to speak with Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Traffic Stop – Vehicle was stopped for window tint violation. Driver was arrested on a probation violation warrant. Driver was transported to WCSO.
  • Dispute/Burglary/Robbery – Plaza Dr. Female subject called in reference to a dispute with her ex- boyfriend. Investigation showed that he had forced entry into the residence and stole her phone. Warrants for burglary and robbery taken.
  • Traffic Stop – Vehicle was stopped for window tint and failure to maintain lane. The female drive was arrested for FTA for marijuana possession and a FV charge through Clarke County.
  • Traffic Stop – N Broad St at HWY 78. Vehicle was stopped for Failure to maintain lane. After investigation, the driver was arrested for FTML, Poss. of Marijuana, and DUI Drugs. He was transported to the WCSO jail without incident. Report taken
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Deer Acres. In reference to two male subjects loitering on location. Subject advised he stay on location and then changed his story to that he stays at the Haven Inn, Subject stated he came to see a lady about getting his money. After subjects left, independent witness advised he saw one subject throw something under a parked Tahoe, A bag containing cocaine and marijauna was located under such Tahoe.
  • Traffic Stop – Graystone Church. After speaking with the two subjects at Deer Acres and allowing them to leave, an eyewitness came forward and advised he saw one throw a bag underneath a nearby vehicle as officers were attempting to make contact. After further investigation narcotics were recovered and traffic stop was conducted a short distance from the motel. The subject who allegedly threw the narcotics under the vehicle was arrested.
  • Traffic Stop – Avondale. Named subject stopped for several observed traffic violations. Upon investigation it was determined that he was in need of mental health evaluation and was transported to Piedmont Walton for evaluation.

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