MPD Reports: Truck driver found dead in his truck still wearing CPAP mask

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 30 to Aug. 3, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Alcovy St. Two involved in a verbal dispute over civil issues. One was given a ride to Stripling’s general store and she was taken home by Athens-Clarke County. 

Entering auto – Ridge Rd. Chevy Impala entered. Medical insurance card stolen. Report taken. 

DOA – Unisia Dr., Walmart DC. Deceased subject found in the cab of his commercial truck cold to the touch. Appears natural, body still wearing CPAP mask. CID advised, coroner responded. 

Dispute – S Broad St. Complainant advised a young female subject was being chased and was in fear for her life. The complainant attempted giving the female subject a ride to the Monroe Police Department but was pursued by several subjects and an altercation occurred once arriving at the police department. It was determined on scene that several parties were involved and female subject was involved in another incident referenced in case#: Parties were separated, report taken. 

Dispute – Amber Trl. In reference to female on line screaming. Complainant and Dexter Blackwell were involved in a domestic dispute. During the investigation it was determined that the male subject was the primary aggressor. He was charged with Battery FV and Cruelty to Children 3rd Degree times two. 

Mental Health – Tanglewood in reference to subject off her meds and half naked in the street. Subject was turned over to family members and transported to the hospital for mental health evaluation. 

Damage to property – South Madison in reference to a subject unlocked the restroom’s padlock and destroyed the restroom by using the bathroom all over the place. Park manager asked for extra patrol in the park especially on Saturday afternoons. 

Trees down – East Marable @Mathews Park. Removed from roadway.
Damaged Property – Fawnfield Drive in reference to white SUV struck by falling tree. 

Comments: Extra patrol in Felker park on Saturday afternoons in reference to subjects entering the locked bathrooms. 

Other Law – HWY 78 East at HWY 11 in reference to HWY 78 flooded and the road drain was stop up. 

Welfare Check) 6th Street / South Broad Street: In reference to a possible Hit-n-Run with a red Ford Focus hitting the complainant’s vehicle. Complainant advises no damage. Declined a report. 

Power Lines Down – Tanglewood Drive -Multiple lines down partially blocking the street, City utilities notified. 

Traffic Accident – South Broad St -Two vehicles, one included a city bucket truck. Turned over to Georgia State Patrol. 

Suspicious vehicle – Tall Oaks in reference to a green Honda on the property for three days. Vehicle was not stolen and the property manager was told he needed to call a tow truck to get it off the property. 

Violent Domestic Dispute – Davis Street; Subject on location in a physical altercation. He was arrested for Aggravated Battery FV. 

Juvenile runaway – Jessica Way. In reference to subject leaving her fathers’ house on foot to return to her mother’s house at Knight Street. Father was advised of civil remedies. 

Civil Dispute – 6th Street. In reference to complainant who had previously repossessed a vehicle allowing former driver to recover personal belongings from vehicle. Driver was not on location when officers arrived. Complainant advised of civil process. 

Suspicious Person – Ridgeview. Complainant stated there was a female walking in the roadway near Ridgeview. Contact was made and she was a patient and was returned to the facility without incident. 

Theft Report – Graceful Manor Senior Home. Staff accused an employee of stealing money from a patient. Report taken. 

Prowler – E. Church St; In reference to a B/M jumping the complainant’s fence. Area checked, no contact. 

Dispute – Ridgeview. Male on location upset with the wait time. He was advised this was not a police matter and how to handle. 

Entering Auto – Carver Place: In reference to $400 dollars in cash missing from the vehicle. Report made. 

Property damage – goal post was damage sometime last night. Footsteps in the grass went towards Monroe Estates. 

Wanted Person – Alcovy Street: In reference to Adult Probation (DCS) having a subject in custody and needing a transport unit to transport subject to Walton County Jail. 

Dispute – W. Spring St. (Marathon) – In reference to a subject stating that the cashier was refusing to refund her money order she bought earlier. Report taken. 

Dispute – West Spring Street (Peach state Bank): In reference to subject having a verbal argument with her ex-boyfriend over driving to another county. Report taken. 

Dispute – Davis Road in reference to the complainant wanted her stuff out of the residence. 

Mental Patient – Ridge Rd.- In reference to a mother reporting that her son was having a mental health episode. After speaking with son, he agreed to go with his mother to the hospital. 

Found Property – South Broad Street -Subject located a silver ring on Washington Street and turned it into the PD. Ring was placed into evidence as found property 

Other Law – South Broad Street: In reference to the belongings from the EMS patient that was transported to Piedmont Walton Hospital. The items were given. 

Other Law – South Broad Street (Southside Mobile Home Park): In reference to subject getting into an altercation on the bus. Remedies were explained. 

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